Homemade solar water heater with soda bottles

This graphic manual shared on the Internet comes to our hands to make our own homemade solar water heater, in a few simple steps.

Instructions are given in the form of descriptive bullets.



The first thing you will need to do is collect enough PET bottles to complete this project. It will all depend on the capacity you want for your heater. The larger the capacity, the more bottles you will need to use.

I recommend that you start with a small project, where you learn enough technique to take on larger projects.

solar heating 1

Preparation of plastic bottles.

You have to clean the bottles, remove the caps and labels. Leave them very clean, because you are working with them, you will appreciate it 😉

solar heating 2

We prepare the bottles.

You need to make a hole in the base of each bottle that you are going to use, large enough to pass the polystyrene pipe that we are going to install between them. It should not be larger than the mouth of the bottle, as the spout should go through it so as not to complicate the installation even more.

solar heating 3

Thread the polystyrene spout into the bottle.

solar heating 4

Here’s a look at how the set will look once you’ve finished it.

solar heating 5

If you are in doubt or if this is not exactly what you were looking for, here are some other suggestions for making your own solar home heating.

How it works.

Its general operation can be seen in the next thumbnail. But in a simple way, we can say that a solar heater works like a heat trap, where the solar radiation is trapped by the greenhouse effect inside the heater. These heaters do not need external power to operate. They use the principle of convection to move water.

solar heating 6

General scheme:
solar heating 7
solar heating 8
solar heating 9
solar heating 10

If you liked the idea but it doesn’t meet your needs, you can try this other heater.

 solar water heater with soda bottles