Homemade Solar Water Purifier001

This invention makes it possible to purify water from any source, salty, non-consumable, etc., to make it drinkable. A house design that contrasts with others we have already talked about at EcoInventos with futuristic designs, like the solar sphere that purifies water.

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Solar Home Water Purifier_0153

The designer, Daniel Simon, came up with the idea because a few years ago a storm flooded the local wastewater treatment plant, leaving the whole city without drinking water for several weeks. Motivated in part by this accident, he designed a portable solar-powered water washer. The idea is that one person adds water from any source on one side and clean drinking water comes out on the other side during the day.

Home solar water purifier_01

The water is purified in an evaporation chamber. This camera features an aluminum bucket painted black to absorb sunlight and heat. The water to be purified is added and heated until it evaporates. The casserole dish has a transparent plastic cover and captures and condenses water vapor. An interior pipe channels this water to the exterior tank, where it is ready for our consumption.