After several earthquakes and natural disasters that have occurred around the world and with the new boom in renewable energies, it occurred to me to design, calculate, register and patent this “House of the future “just call PIRAMID-ALL.

Basically it is: Pyramidal, earthquake-resistant, efficient and self-powered by renewable energies (solar + wind + solar thermal), it also has a battery charger for electric vehicles and electric heating elements for solar energy, which are already on the market.

This house is designed primarily to operate and self-supply energy in areas isolated from domestic and rural power grids, as well as in urban areas where they can be connected to the grid, through decentralized generation and new ones. prosumers.

House of the future

In this case, the house has a two-way electric energy meter, which measures the energy that is taken from the network and that which is injected from the surplus self-produced with the renewable energy equipment.

The pyramidal shape allows me to be necessary to use the 4 faces or roof-wall to put solar panels, considering that the south face is very unproductive with the incidence of the sun and the north face the best, to a lesser extent the face of this and the West. The wind turbine is optional or complementary, but it is very important in areas where a lot of snow falls covering the solar panels and they stop producing energy, until they are cleaned again. In these cases of heavy snow, the wind will still produce energy.

House of the future: pyramidal, earthquake resistant, efficient and self-powered by renewable energies

These generators can be the traditional blades (3 to 5) or the new vertical axis wind turbines, which are more efficient, quieter and more durable than traditional ones.

It also has a solar thermal balloon that heats water, for domestic use (bathroom and kitchen), it can also be used to heat the house. In this case, you need to supplement or help with a gas boiler, install radiators or underfloor heating.

Basically, the construction of the house is very simple, the construction time is 3-4 months, and the final turnkey cost is lower than traditional construction.

House models.

There are two models or sizes of house, both with a ground floor and an upper floor:

  1. Casa Chica: 115 m2 covered, with two bedrooms.
  2. Large house: 180 m2 covered, with three bedrooms.

The commercial proposal is:

License the patent to highly experienced construction and / or metallurgical companies interested in building and marketing this house mainly in countries most affected by earthquakes, such as Chile, Peru, Mexico, States -United and Japan, also in the rest of the world.

Civil Engineer – Darío R. Martin. More information: