“Green gas factories”, that’s what they call the Ecotricity project. A pioneering project that wants to compete directly with gas from fracking.

The company has started work on a plant in Hampshire (Sparsholt College) which will start operating in 2018. In this plant, the UK’s first biodigester will be put into operation which will turn grass into biomethane, enough to to heat more than 4000 homes.

An anaerobic digester capable of converting grass from surrounding fields into biomethane in 45 days. A biomethane that would be injected into the gas network to cover the needs of no less than 4,000 average households.

A more durable gas than gas produced by fracturing. It is estimated that grassy fields in the UK can provide all the gas needed to heat your homes. But for this, with current technology, 5,000 biodigesters of this type would be necessary.

A massive and permanent source of energy, because lawns in the UK are a power. The economic benefit would be passed on directly locally, as currently most of the gas consumed in Britain comes from the North Sea, Qatar and Norway.

There are four other biodigesters in the pipeline in Somerset, Cambridgeshire, Shropshire and Wiltshire.

Via theguardian.com

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