It is common to say that laying laminate floors is cheap, here it is done. But it is not so often that this happens, unless you speak directly to an installer or go to a timber sales center or do it yourself.

This time we will try to make an effort and answer the typical question of how much it costs to lay a laminate floor. The first thing to comment is that, as with many products, the variability, not only in terms of prices, but also in terms of quality, is high.

We divided the cost of installing the laminate floor into 3 parts. On the one hand, the cost of the pavement itself, on the other hand, the cost of accessories and finally, labor.

Laminate flooring cost

If you have doubts about the qualities and benefits of this type of floating floor, you can consult our special on the subject.

Here we will summarize and say that there is a wide range of products. From the € 5 / m² offerings from the big DIY centers, which I think you have to look at with a magnifying glass. Even high-end pallets from prestigious manufacturers that can perfectly exceed € 50 / m².

In general terms, a floor of around € 12-15 is usually a very decent product, with basic but quality features. Be careful, this is a generalization.


There are a number of essential accessories for installing laminate floors. Here, let’s focus on that.

There are also other accessories, such as the stair nosing for stair installations, which are not essential or are much less frequent. Therefore, this should only be taken into account in some installations.

Blanket or insulator

In floating floor installations, such as laminates, the use of blanket or insulation is essential. Between his The basic functions are to level the small imperfections that the subsoil may present and, on the other hand, to avoid the passage of moisture towards the laminate floor.

Insulators that perform only these functions are the most basic and also the cheapest. Its cost is around € 1.5 / m² and is sold in reels of 10-20 m².

Cheaper options can be found on the market. They can be found up to less than € 1 / m², but it is very likely that they do not meet the minimum conditions required by the laminate flooring manufacturer. Therefore, in the event of a problem, the warranty will not cover you.

There are another series of benefits such as the leveling of greater unevenness, sound insulation, thermal insulation or suitable for underfloor heating. The price can even exceed € 10 / m². On average we will handle around € 3 / m².

Footers or baseboards

The function of baseboards is not only aesthetic, it prevents the wall from being damaged and in our case covers expansion joints. For our analysis we will evaluate the most frequent options, the MDF baseboard usually offered by the same manufacturer of the laminate floor or that we can find in our DIY center. And on the other hand in solid and lacquered wood.

The first option is the cheapest and you are also not dependent on third parties. The design options are wide, although we usually opt for the white multipurpose or the same design we use for the floor. The measures are quite standardized. Between 1.5 and 2 centimeters in thickness and between 7 and 10 in height. The cost is from 2.5 € per linear meter, which can be increased depending on the design, size and performance.

The cost of lacquered baseboards is higher and their variability is also much higher. It is possible to find them from 7 to 8 € per linear meter. It is also a better quality product.

A few more euros would have to be added to purchase the adhesives and sealants needed to install the skirting boards.

Profiles for expansion and transition joints

As many of you know, when installing laminate floors you have to respect the calls expansion joints, which are essentially the space that must be left free on the floor for the wood to expand and contract freely.

When we do an installation in a medium-sized room, we only have to respect those spaces with regard to the walls. But when installation is carried out on larger surfaces (usually more than 25 meters), additional joints must be left. They must be covered with a series of profiles.

In many houses, the installations are done room by room and there are no large spaces to be needed. The same does not happen in other houses.

Another common type of profile is the transition profile. It is one that separates a space where laminate flooring was placed from another where it has not yet been made. The normal thing is that there is a gap here, and this profile softens.

Both types of profile are found most often in aluminum or MDF. In the latter case, it is sold in pieces of about 2.5 meters and at a cost of about 8-10 linear meters.

Labor cost

This variable is very subjective. There are very cheap professionals and others that are not so cheap. They can be found from € 10 / m².

It is also common to find companies that offer a pack that includes the material and the installation. For example € 50 / m² of laminate flooring.

Example of cost of installing laminate flooring

Suppose we are going to install laminate flooring in a 25 m² room. It has a door that gives access to a corridor where this type of platform will not be placed.

  • Laminate flooring. This product is normally sold in multi-piece boxes measuring approximately 2 to 2.5 m². In addition, it must be taken into account that there will be a series of waste due to the cuts, normally estimated at 10%. In other words, we would need 28 m². If the price per meter is € 15 and each box contains 2.4 m / ², 12 boxes (28 / 2.4) must be purchased, the total cost being € 420.
  • As we said, the most common format for acquiring insulation is the 20m² coils. According to this we will have to buy 2, with a total cost of 120 € (40 × 3). There is significant saturation, which is one of the problems of small installations and which can also occur with other products.
  • Footers or baseboards. 4 walls of 5 meters give us a perimeter of 20 meters. That’s what we’re going to need from the skirting boards plus a 5% loss due to the cuts. If we assume that it is sold in packs of 5 of 2 meters each, it would be necessary to buy 3 packs, for a total of 30 meters. Our purchase in this case will also be excessive. The cost would be € 75.
  • We would need a transition profile that we will cut to fit the door: € 10.
  • Additional 10 for adhesives and / or sealants.

Installation price of laminate flooring without labor for a 25m² room: 420 + 120 + 75 + 10 + 10 = € 635