How to build a high performance thermal mass stove

With technology developed by the INTA (National Institute of Agricultural Technology of Argentina), we will be able to build an efficient social stove to contribute to a reduction in fuel consumption through better caloric use. These designs contribute to improving the quality of life of populations in vulnerable situations (minimum domestic heating).

This stove will help save energy, reduce environmental pollution (through better combustion) as well as reduce carbon monoxide and tar emissions. It promotes afforestation / reforestation with biodiversity as part of the concept of sustainability. It promotes the assisted and community self-construction of low cost, high efficiency stoves with the use of widely available materials.

Thermal mass stoves are constructed with materials that have a high capacity to store heat, such as masonry, adobe or stones, which even when turned off continue to provide heat for several hours to the environment.

They are ideal for cold areas, where stable heating is required, especially at night and early in the morning.

If you do not have a suitable place at home to install such a stove, consider the alternative offered by gas stoves, a very economical type of heating with great performance. The latest models have significantly improved their safety and energy efficiency. the gas cookers they heat any room faster than electric stoves by burning gas in a burner, and they are also cheaper to consume.

Advantages of thermal mass stoves.

  • Better thermal stability.
  • Longer firewood loading intervals.
  • Once the fire is out, it cools very slowly. Very suitable at night and in very cold areas.
  • More comfortable heat transmission (radiation).

The parts of a thermal mass stove.

parts of a thermal mass stove

Construction of the stove.

Stove construction

A guide to building a model of a high performance thermal mass stove, the principles of operation, its components and the stages of its construction, as well as the main recommendations for its use and maintenance.

If you are interested in this type of project, the details of construction and assembly of the system, you can consult them in this complete construction guide.