How to build a solar cooker from old CDs or DVDs.

A great idea that I hope will inspire you. With an old satellite dish and lots of old CDs or DVDs that are sure to fill your drawers, you can make a homemade solar cooker.

The model is a solar cooker like this:

solar cooking

Materials to make a solar cooker with CDs.

We will need:

  • Parabolic antenna: At any junkyard, you can get an old antenna for very little investment.
  • CD or DVD: you will have no trouble finding all the ones you need.
  • Layette: We can do it at the focus of the antenna, where the rays meet, and there we will put the pot to cook. It could be an old bicycle for example.
  • Glue for CDs.
solar cooker with CD

Considering the size of the antenna used for this project, if you cover it completely with CDs, you can reach 427 ° C. The temperature will drop the less CDs we use. A temperature of 150 to 200 ºC is more than sufficient for cooking.

solar cooker with CD

I hope this inspires you for your projects.

Full instructions: