How to build a swimming pool with straw bales

A few days ago, we shared a project to make a swimming pool with 10 pallets which went viral in a very short time across the world. Today we bring a project equal to or simpler than this one but using another material which is also quite curious. Today you can build your own swimming pool with straw bales.

Straw bale construction is booming around the world lately. It is becoming an alternative material highly appreciated for its properties.

A lot of people think that a swimming pool is for the rich, or at least those with a few thousand dollars to spend on a project like this. Three boys will show you that this statement is not true. In this project, you will only have to use straw bales, plastic tarp, rope, and (obviously) water.

Having chosen the right place, we distribute the straw bales evenly to form a square perimeter. We put the plastic canvas on it. Secure the perimeter with a rope around the balls and voila, you can start filling it with water. In a very short time, you will have a perfectly usable swimming pool, ideal for resting in the summer heat. The photos will clarify any doubts you may have 😉

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales1

First you need to limit the area of ​​the pool, depending mainly on the plastic material you have available to waterproof it. This is quite an important point as the straw blocks will form the structure of the pool, but the plastic cover is what will allow the water to be dammed.

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales2

Once we have fully understood the dimensions of our pool, we start working with the straw blocks. As you can see in the picture, we will form a rectangular structure, of varying height depending, as we have already commented on, the plastic cover we have and the depth we want to give the pool.

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales3

It is advisable to carry out tests during the process, thus saving us labor and time.

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales4

Once the structure has been made with the straw blocks, it is time to put the plastic and insulating part on top. It is very important to check that there are no leaks and that the assembly remains stable, thus avoiding subsequent surprises in the form of water loss or structural disaster.

A good idea would be to wrap the plastic around the straw blocks, along the entire length of the pool with a rope, so that the whole becomes more coherent. To strengthen the overall structure, we can also add counterweights, giving it more stability. You can do this by adjusting the rope that surrounds the pool water jugs which will give a great consistency to the whole.

How to build a swimming pool with straw bales5

Keep in mind that this pool is intended for “quiet” use. Keep in mind that structural stability is not that of a construction pool, so any improper use will likely cause the straw structure to collapse in some of its parts. Enjoy it carefully!

You can use a portable water purifier to keep the water in good condition throughout the bathing season. Remember the importance of limiting water consumption to the strict minimum.

Another advantage of a swimming pool of this type is that you will be able to reuse most of the materials for the following bathing season.

As you can see, you don’t have to make a big investment to have a small pool.

Once your pool is done you can consider heating the water for free, you can make your own solar pool heater.