How to Build Your Own Solar Concentrator with the Free GoSol Guide

Friends of GoSol have spent years trying to eradicate energy poverty through the massive incorporation of solar energy. For it, They just published a free guide to building solar concentrators, which aims to teach communities to harness solar energy with low-cost technology that they can make themselves.

Solar energy for everyone┬╗Is more than a motto for the GoSol team; The company has provided access to solar power to even the most isolated communities for years. GoSol solar energy concentrators are thermal devices that provide energy to communities without polluting the environment.

Gosol solar concentrator

The new GoSol guide provides you with all the information you need to build a 0.5 kW solar concentrator with a mirrored surface of about 1 square meter. The total cost of the solar device ranges from $ 79 to $ 145 in materials. The 1.5m3 device is made from iron pipes and flat steel bars and can be built in about a week. The free guide for this solar concentrator is available on the website of GoSol.


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