This has happened to everyone at least once in their life. More than one who had bad luck. That moment when you come in or out and the front door lock isn’t working properly. Whether it’s because the key does not fit, because it does not go all the way around, because the bowler hat came off or because, simply, the key breaks inside.

Faced with such a situation, we have two options. Only two. The first, call a locksmith and prepare for the nail that awaits you, especially if it comes urgently. The cost can easily exceed 400 euros. And yes, many will tell you not to charge VAT and such, but the huge stick that is going to give you will leave you shivering for the rest of the month.

For this reason, today we will show and teach you the second interesting option: how to change a door lock step by step. A surprisingly simple operation in which you will only have to undertake one expense, that of the lock and which can take you a little more 5 minutes. From those repairs that you do around the house and hallucinate when you’re done due to the simplicity of the process and the money you’ve saved.

How to change a door lock

When we talk about the simplicity of the process, it’s because anyone can do it. Nobody thinks they know how to change a door lockBut with the right directions, anyone can do it.

As easy as opening the door and looking at the lock, it has two screws from one side and the other. Well we have to eliminate the one who is alone and Push he melon to take it out of the frame. If it doesn’t come out, you may need to insert the key until the lock matches the hole we have. For some armored doors, you may need loosen it latch to remove the bowler because they are connected.

Once you have the space, you need to take the bowler hat you purchased earlier and put it in the available space. If you do this with the key on, the process will be easier for you. Once you have it in place, you put the screw you removed back and tighten it.

Obviously, before performing this operation, you must make sure that the bowler hat you have purchased is compatible with which you have. In other words, similar characteristics. It’s hard not to get it right, because in terms of length there are only two sizes. You play at 50%. For this reason, it is advisable to go to the locksmith with the measurements from the door, the size of their song, even some Pictures. More than anything, to spare you the shame of choosing the one that wasn’t. What will happen.

It is also essential that you know what lock needle size. This concept unknown to the vast majority of people is the distance between the key slot and the edge where the anchors exit. This distance will mark the type of lock you need.

If, in addition to the bowler, you also want to change the lock, things change. Change because you’re going to take an extra minute, not because it’s complicated. In this case, in addition to the screw you removed, you need to loosen the rest to remove the entire mechanism. Here it is important that the lock you buy is exactly the same size as the one you have. Non-negotiable.

The relevance of the collection is also capital, since the lock must fill all the void left by the previous one. If it’s bigger, you won’t be able to put it on. If it’s smaller, don’t invent filler holes or mess around. You go to the store, change the lock and come back. We are talking about the element that gives access to your house.

How to change a door lock: materials

Although we have seen it before, when it comes to learning how to change a door lock, the list of materials it is not extensive.

¿What do you need?

If you want, take a star screwdriver and another flat, to make some volume, but the latter you can’t even use. As for the estimated run time, we didn’t go overboard when we estimated about 5 minutes in total. In some cases, with the store visit included, if it catches you very close to home.

How to change a door lock step by step

Once we have the material and the notion of how to do it, we will review how to change a door lock step by step.

  • Step 1 – On the front of the lock, remove the visible screws and remove the knob or handle
  • He spent 2 – Change for the bowler. With the door open and on the edge, remove the screws next to the melon. Once removed, insert the key and turn it until the mechanism matches and allows you to remove the entire mechanism from the door hole
  • Step 3 – To remove the lock more easily, it is recommended to remove the gaskets with the screwdriver.
  • Step 4 – We take the new lock and insert it into the hole. As easy as following the previous steps in reverse, i.e. 3 to 1.

As a guide, if the door is made of wood, as is generally the case in 95% of cases, before placing the lock, we will check the condition of the hole. If we see that it has any damage, pimples or holes, it is worth adding wood putty or special wax to cover it. This way we will avoid the facilities for those who want to enter the house uninvited. If you have to skimp on something other than the thing that separates your home from the rest of the world.

If despite the fact that it is so easy to do, you still have reluctance to achieve it or do not dare to take the step to repair it yourself, you will still need to evaluate the following:

  • Check all the covers of your home insurance pFind out if a lock change has you covered.
  • In case this is not the case, find out if, thanks to your home insurance, you can hire a locksmith and inquire about the tariff, because sometimes it can be cheaper or by doing it through them, you can get some kind of discount.
  • Do some numbers and get your maximum budget for this task. It doesn’t matter if you have to invest time is more, invest it so you can go online and make a good comparison of professional locksmiths and get the best possible quote.

If you want to save these simple points because they are not covered by your insurance, because you do not have insurance or because you do not want to spend time on the Internet, go up the calendar and ask your trusted people if they know any. locksmith who has good references. Finally, as we mentioned earlier, it is the door that protects your home from the outside and it is essential that you can be calm and safe inside.

Please, before hiring someone or confirming an appointment, ask for rates so that you can re-evaluate everything we have mentioned previously. You already know that you can change the lock yourself in just 5 minutes, that you don’t have to be a professional, and that we have selected the best videos for you so you can see every step and answer all of them. questions, no matter how small, of how to achieve them. step by step.

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