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If you have an electric car, you can charge it with solar energy at home. We give you some basic recommendations to do it successfully and very low cost.

When you have an electric car, you can charge it at home with clean energy, an economical and sustainable option.

Of course, if you don’t use solar power, your electricity bills will increase with the miles you drive your car. This is why recharging your car with solar energy is a much cheaper alternative. Although you can also use energy wind, although it is a more complex way to generate electricity for your home. Just now, the mini-wind turbine is developing by leaps and bounds.

Recharge a solar powered electric car.

In the process, it is very important to take into account the investor. You must select an appliance that has the ability to handle more capacity than that installed.

Another existing alternative is the use of micro-inverters
rather than a central investor. The advantage is that it allows the installation of additional panels with greater agility by not requiring a larger central inverter.

Electric vehicles normally incorporate a wall charger. However, other brands of household chargers can be used. Ideals are those who have 40 amps and come from recognized brands such as Clipper, Creek, Siemens or ChargePoint.

The advantage of these chargers is their wildcard, which can cover any model of electric car.

Solar energy required for an electric car.

Normally, solar panels produce about 300 watts. The higher the efficiency, the higher its cost.

The average energy consumption of a solar car is 300 watt hours per mile, which means it travels 3.3 miles per kilowatt hour. Suppose you want to drive 15,000 miles, in this case you will need 4,545 kWh to drive.

Solar panel work 365 days a year and seven hours a day. To generate 4,545 kWh, divide by 365 and divide the result by seven to get production per hour. This equates to 1.77 kW / hour.

If we divide 1770 by 300, the result is 5.9 panels. You need to add seven photovoltaic solar panels to cover the load.

According to a recent report, electric cars reduce the payback times of solar roofs, making it even more attractive and cost effective to charge your car with home solar power.

If you are using solar equipment, you may need to pay for electricity for the grid connection service. Some power companies offer Special rates for owners of electric vehicles.

Some electricity companies even provide green electricity with the purchase of the electric car, such as E.ON in Sweden.

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