How to charge your smartphone while riding a bike

Today we are going to learn how to charge our phone while riding a bike using a dynamo and a transformer that we will make ourselves.

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It is not a simple project but with what you learn in it you will be able to access many other more complex projects. Here is the video tutorial:

Charge your smartphone on a bicycle.

If you have a little patience and You follow the explanation and the electrical diagram to the letter, you will see how easy it is to have a charger on your bike and never run out of charge on your phone’s battery.

In the past, bicycle alternators were widely used as they were used to turn on lights. But in fact When the LED lights came on, they replaced the alternators.

Today you will know a great idea, so that with a bicycle alternator which in addition to everything is already in disuse. You can then cover a modern need such as that of charge your smartphone while you are cycling.

How it works.

Alternators generate alternating current, which causes turning the wheel to increase voltage.

The problem then arises because These alternators do not provide direct current and their capacity can also go up to 10 volts.

However to be able to recharge the mobile, finally the current should be converted into direct, in addition to lowering the voltage to 5 volts and keep them stable.

Therefore, to achieve this we need to make a small circuit that straightens the current. In this way, we convert the alternating current into direct current.

What do we need.

  • First we need a bridge rectifier
  • Plus a condenser.
  • Also a voltage regulator.
  • Finally two capacitors.


Today if we want to surprise you and at the same time present you with something really useful. We show you how to charge your smartphone while cycling.

  1. To begin with, you need to research the circuit diagram.

  2. Then, following this scheme, you need to place the alternator.

  3. The next step is to put the rectifier bridge as shown.

  4. The fourth step is to place a 35V capacitor.

  5. Then, you will place 1 LM 7805 regulator.

  6. Then insert a 10 V capacitor.

  7. And to finish a female USB key.

  8. All this should be placed on a perforated plate and then placed in a plastic box that will act as a regulator.

  9. Now connect a cable to the regulator and at the end put a plug that fits perfectly to the USB.

  10. Finally, place the circuit somewhere on the bike and try to charge your mobile while pedaling.

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