There are many people looking for very specific styles, classic, minimalist, vintage, etc. And we are others who seek some reality. For this, it is necessary to purchase modern or current furniture that meet the needs that any family may have.

It is normal to want to have a decoration at home that we like, in fact, it is even beneficial for our well-being to be in a place where we feel comfortable.

It is also common, when we can afford it, to call on a professional who makes custom-made furniture according to our specifications. Usually this is the best way to have something not only updated, but also tailored to us.

Modern living room furniture

The living room, hall or living room, as it is also known, is one of the most important parts of any home. Its central location allows it to function as a meeting point for family and visitors.

In the last few years with flat TVs (LED or LCD), more than with the huge ones of years ago, it has been privileged that these furniture occupy a central place in the furniture of the rooms, making sofas, chairs and other furniture are located in relation to television, due to the importance of the activity in a modern family.

Hence the importance of selecting a good TV cabinet, as will be seen later.

Another important element, complementary to television, is the couch. Its comfort makes it unique and ideal for meeting with family or friends and watching television together or enjoying a pleasant conversation.

Modern sofas are usually made with light and resistant fabrics, no longer using prints (geometric or stripes). Whoever wants to be more up to date turns to vintage with buttoned leather armchairs typical of the English style.

Can’t miss in a modern room a table with its corresponding chairs. Modern models use a lot glass in the manufacture of the tables, together with steel or wood for the support. Chairs upholstered in leather or similar material are an alternative to consider to give the environment a modern aesthetic.

AN Center table, in front of the TV and surrounded by sofas, it is very useful not only for aesthetic reasons but also for its functionality, allowing you to support food, coffee or other drinks while enjoying a good movie with your loved ones.

Modern TV cabinets

modern tv cabinet

As already mentioned, television started to occupy a predominant place in the living room. Increasing the size of the screen and improving the quality of the image have made many people turn a part of their room into a minicine. As such, a television with these characteristics deserves a piece of furniture.

Modern furniture for televisions can range from small furniture, whose sole function is to support television, to large shelves where television occupies a central place surrounded by books, plants and ornaments.

Some things to consider before buying:

  • Calculate the distance between the TV and the sofa or chairs for a better viewing experience.
  • Consider the effect that daylight from windows has on television to find the best placement for furniture.
  • Think about the future when it comes to the size of your television. It is becoming more and more economical to buy a television with more inches and it will be so in the coming years, so it is important to purchase a piece of furniture that leaves room for a future replacement.
  • Finally, there is the decision as to the material of the furniture. Wood is the classic option, although some simple furniture can be made of glass, which gives it a different style, although not necessarily more modern. However, it is not so much the material as the design that gives a piece of furniture its classic or modern appearancetherefore, the option to buy modern wooden furniture should not be overlooked.

Modern bathroom furniture

modern bathroom cabinet

The bathroom, like other parts of the house, is an area that can have its own style. For those who are renovating their home and want to use modern bathroom furniture, here are some tips to follow.

One of the fundamental elements of any bathroom is the washbasin. In recent years, units with a modern and innovative design have appeared on the market, very different from the models of our parents or grandparents. One of the most popular washbasin designs, known in some places as ovalín, resembles an oval vase located, not embedded in the furniture, but placed on it. Made of white ceramic, stainless steel or even plastic or transparent glass.

The bathroom or toilet Not much has changed in recent years, neither in its functions nor in its design. Today, modern bathrooms often use a white toilet, although that is not unanimous. If we had to quote a novelty, is that whenever we can find sausages on the wall, which also allows us to have more space, at least visually.

The mirror The modern bathroom mirror is rectangular in most cases and circular or oval in some cases. The frame can be made of wood or metal, and sometimes the light is not located in the mirror, but is embedded in its surroundings, in the frame, in the form of an infinity of small spots.

Another aspect to take into account is the wall covering. The tiles most used in this type of bathroom are usually light in color, not necessarily white. In many cases, its use is limited to the area of ​​the shower or bath and the sink.

Some people prefer dark tiles, but remember that if the bathroom is small, a light color is recommended as it creates a feeling of more space.

The use of plaque screen shower, each time simple and with less hardware, far exceeds the demand for bathtubs.

Modern bedroom furniture

modern bedroom furniture

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of the house. Although visitors are unlikely to enter your room, your appearance should not be overlooked for this reason.

One of the elements that give a particular style to modern rooms are the heads. If the budget is tight and it is difficult to change the bed and other furniture in the room, adding or changing the headboard is an economical alternative that allows you to modify, in part, the style of the room.

Made of wood, padded or plastic, the heads are an excellent choice. A striking trend in this sense is not to place the headboard as such and paint it or put some vinyl on the wall that imitates it. Whether it looks good or bad will depend on the skill of the “artist”.

Bed it is undoubtedly the centerpiece of the furniture in all rooms. One of the most popular modern mattresses in recent years is the so-called viscoelastic mattress. This material eliminates the pressure of the mattress on the body and offers greater comfort. It consists of two layers, one lower, firm, and the other upper, adaptable to the body contour.

Another piece of furniture present in each bedroom is the dressers and drawers. Made of wood or similar, it is an object that cannot be missed due to its advantages. The design of the dresser or modern dresser varies a lot, depending on the setting you want to give to the environment. In these modern design furniture straight lines predominate versus designs with frames and curves.

Finally, consider the relationship between the various furniture in your room. If you replace only one and leave the others, it is possible that the style shock will be negative for the configuration.