Finding a mattress on which you can rest peacefully and feel your body relax is a real treasure. We explain how to choose the mattress for your sofa.

ikea mattress

Resting properly and peacefully is one of the great premises we need to have a good day and a great feeling of well-being. The person who rests well tends to wake up more relaxed, upbeat, with a better mood and more energy. Therefore, one of the aspects that we need to take care of is the mattress where we sleep.

Based on the renewed range of IKEA mattresses, we find three types of mattresses that can be perfectly suited to be placed on the sofa. Of course, what you have to take into account is who is going to sleep on this mattress, the weight, the height, the way they sleep … If it is a mattress for two people, the possibility of using a double mattress together can also be considered.

ikea mattress

That being said, we’ve found three IKEA mattresses that can be both practical and with European and Spanish standardized measures (80 × 190cm, 90 × 190cm, 135 × 190cm, 150x190cm):

  • Viscoelastic: They are firm, stable but flexible mattresses that adapt to the body and distribute weight evenly. In addition, in terms of temperature, it is ideal for those who are colder.
  • Springs: This is a great option when we are going to use a sofa because it has excellent ventilation properties which also means that it is ideal for those who are warm when sleeping.
  • Latex: These mattresses hug the body and distribute the weight evenly, ensuring movement is not noticed. It is also important to keep in mind that this promotes air circulation.

These three types of mattresses can be ideal, you just have to try them out by lying on them, trying out different postures you use for sleeping, and choosing the one that best suits your sleep needs. When you buy it from IKEA, you have 365 days to return it and exchange it for another, as well as 25 year warranty.

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