Despite the fact that all of us who work in the office spend hours sitting down, very few are able to realize that it is essential choosing a good office chair to avoid back pain and unnecessary injury. Therefore, in today’s article, we want to share with you some basic and fundamental ideas for choosing your office chair.

Did you know that, according to data collected in 2007 by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, more than a third of workers suffer from back pain? These are fundamental data that show us the need to take care of your back and therefore to buy suitable office chairs and adapted to the physical conditions of each person. There is more data from this study in which back health was measured with all types of physical labor (the data does not refer only to people who work in the office), as this is the second reason why visits are made to the doctor and is considered to be the third reason they undergo surgery.

It is impressive that with a little research it is discovered that using a good office chair not only affects the back but also that we are talking about the health of the joints, The maid blood flow, nail breathing adequate, that it is easier to maintain a good posture or even that you might feel pain relief.

How to choose your office chair – What to look for?

Next, we will tell you what are the main aspects to take into account when choosing your office chair. Remember that today you have the opportunity to see countless models, brands and designs in physical stores and online.

  • That he the seat is adjustable depending on your size and the height of the desk, as it is essential that you can adapt it to keep you in a comfortable and comfortable position. Neither low where you can damage your lower back, nor too high to damage the upper back.
  • Another fact about the seat is that it should be wide enough so that you can sit vaguely, having space on the sides.
  • It is essential that you can change the folder placement so that it can be adjusted to the back, and you can support the whole lower back.
  • Choose the support that you can customize and adjust your firmness and tilt.
  • If you plan to sit for less than five hours, choose reclining backrests, If you plan to work longer, choose synchronized chairs in which the vascular file
  • It is strongly recommended that the height of the backrest be dimmable.
  • The backrest should be long enough to cover the entire back.
  • Consider the option of a chair with head support to protect the vertebrae in the dorsal area.
  • The armrest They should be adjustable in terms of seat separation and height from it, in turn it is important that they are strong so that they can support you when you stand up. With your arms, you should form an angle of 90 °.
  • The base of the chair must have five points of support.
  • Best chair with wheel, This will allow you to move more comfortably and to change your position.
  • The upholstery of the chair should always be breathable and resistant to regular use.
  • Consider choosing a chair with footrest to improve your posture and blood circulation. In case you choose a model of this type, remember that it must be adjustable.