Leather sofas are really beautiful and stylish, although in the same way that wooden furniture can end up grating over time, it is obvious that a leather couch It will eventually stain even with all the care in the world. If you don’t know how to clean it so that it looks like new and you don’t know what products to use so as not to damage it further, we give you all the steps below to clean the leather sofa and make it perfect without risking.

Clean leather sofa

clean sofa skin

Clean a leather sofa Either because it has been stained with a material or because we just see that it has lost a bit of shine is relatively straightforward, because alone we must use the products indicated for that and apply them by following all the steps.

Be careful with the products you buy and most importantly, don’t think that a small stain can go away over time. As soon as you see a stain, try to remove it and thus prevents it from remaining permanent.

How to clean a leather sofa

There is a lot of anti-stain products this will allow that if, for example, food or liquid falls on our leather sofa, within a few minutes the stain is gone, but on other occasions it is impossible for these products to work or the only thing we get is to make the stain more and more white.

how to clean a leather sofa

This is the example of many ink stains on leather sofas white for example. To remove them, take a soft cloth and apply a little Vaseline or from Castor oil that we will let act for a few or three minutes. Then we slowly clean with the rag and you will see how the stain is completely gone.

NOTE: It is very important that you do your best to remove stains as quickly as possible. Ink stains from a guest’s blue jeans remained on my white leather sofa and I only detected them almost 15 days later and it was not possible to remove them completely.


Another “home remedy” to clean sofa leather in case of marker spots or the spots that have been encrusted for a while will be the cleansing milk used by women. It serves and is effective and it is also not necessary to apply a skin protection product afterwards. It is enough to put a little on the stain and with a clean cloth it is removed until it disappears completely. Then we finish drying the skin with the cloth and you will see that it is almost magic.

On the other hand, we have the concept that we clean the leather sofa because we need it to regain its original shine or because we see that the leather has to be “renewed”.

Tips to renew or restore the shine of the leather sofa


In the same way that there are specific products on the market for removing stains, we can say that there are also directly applied products on the skin will be used to do it regain your radiance, but we also have others that we can do at home.

You could say that talcum powder will help us regain shine, for that we have to put it on a clean cloth and that it serves to clean the skin. Next, we mix two-thirds and one-third of the turpentine and beeswax. We apply all this mixture on the sofa and leave it to act and dry for a few hours. Then with another dry cloth, we finish drying it and we will see how it regained all its shine.

We can also clean the sofa with a cloth soaked in white vinegar diluted in water. Once dry we must rub the sofa with a cotton swab dipped in lanolin oil and wait at least a day, to polish with a rag.

How to clean a red, brown or black leather sofa

Cleaning the red leather sofa

For sofas and armchairs in dark, red, brown or black leather, the dust This is one of the biggest issues, it tends to collect in corners and crevices and is very noticeable and annoying. To remove it, you can use a vacuum normal equipped with a fine nozzle, then clean the entire surface with a damp cloth and special detergent. In this case, it is necessary to use a Detergent which can clean the stained skin and usually gives a more than satisfactory result.

To nourish and make the dark skin of a sofa smooth and shiny, a minimum of shea butter or delicate moisturizer, allowing it to be perfectly absorbed and to remove any excess with a dry cloth.

How to clean the white or beige leather sofa

Clean white leather sofa

A living room with a sofa in white leather or in a very light color, for example beige, brings great elegance, but is just as difficult to clean and tends to get dirty easily. To shine again, you must first pass the vacuum, always with the greatest care, then clean the entire surface with a cloth soaked in water and very little delicate liquid soap, for example Marseille soap which is actually perfect.

For remove soap residue, just cross the surface of the sofa a soft sponge moistened only with water.

If the white leather of a sofa, after a while, may appear dull and yellowish, so that we can try bleaching it by spraying a stain remover and clean with a cloth soaked in lukewarm water and drained well, then rinse well and then clean again a second and even a third time.

It is important to choose a mild, non-aggressive and high-quality detergent or, for those who prefer an ecological alternative, use a mixture of water and skim milk.

Tips for caring for a leather sofa

clean leather sofa

As we said before, sofas need a interview to continue to give us all the softness and comfort that they provide on a daily basis.

Depends on sofa type and its own use, it will be necessary to carry out one type of maintenance or another.

To avoid as much as possible the dirt that the sofa itself can have and thus do the right maintenance, you should follow some general maintenance criteria, such as:

  • Every week It is necessary to use the vacuum cleaner so that the upholstery and all the corners do not collect dust.
  • Every month, you need to clean it with some type of product that we discussed above and apply some type of cream so that the material always has the type of oil it needs and the original shine.
  • Every 6 months, It is recommended that depending on the type of existing climate and the area of ​​the house where you have the sofa, you will need to apply a type of nourishing cream or some kind of deep cleaning with neutral soap or similar.
  • If for a moment you have grease stains On the sofa, typical of eating sitting on it, apply some type of substance to the surface and apply a cold cloth with neutral soap and rub so that the stain is gradually removed.
  • It’s good that you always have a feather duster or similar nearby to remove all dust. You can also do this with a soft cloth so that dust does not collect, which is always the most annoying thing in leather sofas.
  • Do not expose the sofa to direct sunlight nor to any type of powerful lamp because it will ultimately make color much faster.
  • -If you have any type of heater nearby you need to put the leather sofa at least 50 centimeters away, so that there are no inconveniences.
  • -Never use types of substances which are not suitable for upholstered furniture and leather sofas.

leather couch

Home products to clean your leather sofa

There are many industrial products that specialize in cleaning leather sofas that you can use, but there are some very effective home remedies that you can use if you are having trouble, want to save money on these products, or if you prefer not to expose yourself to the chemical elements they contain. . If you prefer to choose this route, we recommend the following:

Make the vacuum cleaner your couch’s best friend. Most of the trash that makes your sofa look dirty or sloppy isn’t really stains, but just dust or grime that builds up over days and long use. So, the best way to avoid material wear and tear with excessive cleaning is to vacuum the dust with the vacuum cleaner. Using the specially designed head for cleaning carpets, curtains, and upholstery, you can regularly vacuum dirt from your sofa and leave it looking new and shiny if it doesn’t have any stains that need more effective treatment.

Sofa vacuum cleaner with brush

Use baby wipes. Baby wipes are one of the easiest ways to clean up food, drink, mud, or virtually any food or drink stain that might have landed on your leather sofa.

Since they are specially designed to take care of the most delicate skin, they use products that are not aggressive on the skin of your sofa and, at the same time, are extremely effective in removing any type of residue, also having the advantage to be able to get rid of it as soon as you are done with it. They are an extremely effective, inexpensive, and comfortable option to use, so be sure to try them out the next time you need to clean your leather sofa.

Note: If you don’t have baby wipes on hand and don’t want to buy them solely and exclusively for cleaning your sofa, a very useful alternative is to use a mixture of hand soap diluted in water . Hand soap also has skin protecting elements that won’t damage your sofa and, being diluted in water, it can be easily rinsed off. So, with the only help of a cloth and this mixture, you will be able to remove many of the most common stains that take away the shine from your sofa.

Vinegar and olive oil. One of the traditional products used to solve countless problems around the home is vinegar and this time around it can also be of great help in treating the most stubborn or serious stains on your sofa. To fully experience the benefits of vinegar without damaging your sofa, dissolve a splash in water and add a little olive oil for extra protection. Once you have this mixture, dampen a rag and rub the stain in circles until it is gone. Afterwards, it is also strongly recommended that you dry the area or clean it with a little hand soap mixed with water to remove any remaining vinegar that might be too harsh on your sofa.

This is an extremely effective hack, especially handy for light colored sofas that get stained regularly, and will save you a lot of money on chemicals or traditional cleaning services over time.

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