The Sweden It is widely used in bags, clothing, furniture, and shoes, and a very common problem with this type of fabric is that it gets dirty easily. Those who suffer most from stains are the shoes of suede and we will explain below how to clean them without suffering damage.

how to clean suede shoes

How to clean suede shoes

Cleaning suede obviously requires a brush, but should we wet our suede shoe if it is stained or full of dust? You may have thought that with a little soap and water you can clean this fabric, but without thinking that it can the applied moisture will cause a larger stain.


In WoodMe we will explain to you now step by step how Clean suede shoes and keep them healthy for a long time.

Materials needed:

Cleaning suede shoes is a much easier process than you might think. To achieve this, you need the following instruments and materials.

  • Talc or cornstarch
  • White cloth
  • Brush
  • The water
  • White vinegar
  • Towel
  • Tea-pot
  • Cardboard file (nail)


the wear marks can be removed with the cardboard file, gently rubbing the suede shoes. the grease or oil stains are removed with talcum powder or cornstarch. You need to clean the stain with the white cloth then soak it with talcum powder, leave it overnight and the next day, brush and vacuum.

how to clean suede shoes

the ink stains are removed with vinegar and water. Dilute one part of white vinegar in three of cold water. The vinegar is applied to the ink stain with an old cloth, the area is allowed to dry for 30 minutes, then the Sweden. If the ink stain does not come out with the previous recipe, alcohol helps by repeating the same procedure, only the stain needs to be soaked with alcohol. Another method to clean the Sweden, It’s with water vapour. The kettle contributes to this. The suede is passed through the steam, at a safe distance, then brushed, allowed to dry.

More tips for cleaning suede shoes

Suede shoes are very beautiful and comfortable, but the stains are difficult to clean. To make sure that your suede shoes are always spotless, there is also another set of recommendations to follow.

suede shoes
First of all, it is important to periodically clean your suede shoes to prevent dirt from collecting on them. This fabric is harder to clean, the more dirt it collects and it wears out more easily. Therefore, it is better to clean the shoes whenever we see an indication of dirt, this way we will avoid having to be more aggressive with such a delicate fabric when cleaning.

Of course, you should know that one of the main recommendations when cleaning suede shoes is to dry them, avoid getting them wet or applying soap and water to the surface you want to clean, because that would only make matters worse.

When cleaning suede shoes, it is recommended to do it with a small brush, always rubbing in the same direction, without too much intensity, to remove any dust or dirt that may accumulate. Sometimes there are stains that are more difficult to remove. In this case, one of the most commonly used solutions is to use an eraser. Rub it on the dirty area and then brush it as you normally would.

suede shoes
It can also happen that there are much more consistent stains or other types of dirt that are more difficult to combat. For example, to clean up mud, remove the “grease” from the stain and wait for the rest to dry. Once dry, you can remove it much more easily with a brush. To stick the gums together, avoid brushing them at all costs, as this will spread them out and make it more difficult to remove them. Instead, put your shoes in the freezer. When the gum is frozen, it will be much easier to remove it, then you can remove it and then brush the area.

The last recommendation we can give you is that if you have any questions, pay attention to the manufacturer’s recommendations because in most cases you will find everything you need there to resolve your doubts about cleaning the shoes.

We hope you have found these recommendations helpful in cleaning your suede shoes. Finally, we leave you a video which can be very useful.

Video on how to clean suede shoes:

In this video you can see much better how to clean suede shoes and fit them perfectly.

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