It’s mathematical: a new carpet or a freshly cleaned carpet will be stained in minutes. Hours if anything. The Murphy’s Law applies wonderfully to these types of assumptions. And of course, it’s not about leaving half a salary by taking her to a specialist to take care of her. Solution? Learn us.

And that’s where DIY10 comes in. And today we’re going to show you how to clean the carpet step by step, with tips and tricks so that it is perfect. And yes, we will offer you solutions for the most common types of stains. They call us RAE 2.0 for nothing, because we clean, repair and give splendor… to your carpet!

How to clean the carpet step by step

No matter how careful we are, simple everyday use is deadly for the cleaning a carpet. Therefore, we have to pay special attention to keep it clean periodically and not just when a big stain comes in. However, there is a chance that this big stain will arrive before you have time to clean it up on its own.

Food, mud, liquids… Everything will probably end up blending into your carpet. As it is completely removed. And we will teach you how to clean the carpet step by step. Of course, as every material is a world, before starting the cleaning, it is advisable to do a small test in an inconspicuous area of ​​it. Reactions with current materials can be in any way.

Also, if you plan to use products specialsIt is recommended that you read the instructions carefully, because the manufacturer knows better than anyone what their product is capable of. If this product is in powder form, the most effective are the steps to follow in the mission.

  • Step 1 – Pour a good handful of cleaning powder on site and surroundings. Don’t skimp or you will have to do it again.
  • 2nd step – Let the powder act 60 minutes, at least. If you can leave it overnight or during your working day, great, because you will give the product time to deploy all its strength.
  • Step 3 – Once rested, take one vacuum portable and pick up the cleaning powder you added the day before.

Materials for cleaning the carpet

At the time of choice materials for cleaning the carpet, the options are almost endless. However, these are the most common and the most effective.

Soap and water

Like old rockers, the soap and water they never die. For stains superficial, recent or which have not penetrated too much into the structure of the carpet, it can be done with soapy water applied to the area, and let dry for an hour.

Special products

If the stain is old, smells very strong, or has been on the carpet for a long time, it’s best to look for a specific product. They are not cheap, but they do guarantee remarkable efficiency. Yes it is more advised that the chosen product is in powder, instead of liquid. And it is that the liquid has a slow and tedious drying process which will prevent you from accessing the area for hours, until it has dried. Meanwhile, the one that comes in powder form is just as effective and quick and won’t require you to be out of the serving room at all times.

Home products

Each master has his own booklet and each stain, his natural and home remedy. And it is that, without even knowing it, it is more than likely that in your home you have enough elements to remove the stain. For example, you deposit your coffee that you had prepared on the living room rug, as easy as going to the kitchen and hitting the stain with it Tonic or, if not, with Sodium bicarbonate, which not only loads the stain, but also absorbs bad odors.


Yes, we are talking about Detergent usual from the washing machine. Vernel, Ariel, Bosque Verde, Alipende… Anything goes. At the end of the day, we clean a garment … from your home! To do this, consult the instructions and follow the instructions. More than anything because in most cases you will have to compensate for the amount of detergent at that time with water, so that the stain does not develop.

Also, it is not advisable to go upstairs and start pouring detergent all over the carpet. And it is that it is designed to attack the dirty, but we do not know how it could react with the clean. In other words, limit yourself to the affected area and don’t panic with the amount either. Take just enough but don’t get stuck as you will do the same but you will have to wait twice as long.

If it is a question of scrubbing, a stiff bristle brush is preferable. The rug won’t break unless it’s made of paper, so you shouldn’t be afraid to hit it hard, if the stain demands it. That she will.

Once rubbed, go dry for two hours and remove the remains with the vacuum cleaner. In a little over a morning the carpet was like new.

Vinegar, detergent and hot water

If you have a stain on your carpet that is so old that it is two months from the time of registration, something must be done. More precisely, a concoction. Three parts of the vinegar, two of Detergent and one of The water hot. By rubbing with patience and care, we will be able to remove this stain that we never knew what it was.


As simple and economical as it is effective. Spread a good handful of salt all over the carpet, let it sit for two hours and vacuum to pick it up. The result? Better to try it and tell us… Although we have already warned you that you are going to hallucinate pickles and that you are going to have more salt than Teruel snowplows in January.

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