That friend who comes to you and tells you he’s put the engine on a Airbus, the processor they use in the POT, a graphics card like the one you are using he Rubius and a RAM extension in which all the papers of Wikileaks. And it turns out the computer doesn’t shoot well because it’s dirtier than a chicken coop stick. If you learn how to clean the inside and outside of the computerthat could work

Although a lot of people don’t know it or don’t want to know it, the less physically attentive we are to the computer, the less it will perform. It’s logic. If the components of the team accumulate two fingers of shit, it seems normal that the performance suffers. Therefore, it is more than advisable to know how to clean the inside and outside of the computer. And today we will teach you.

How to clean the computer from the outside

Computers, far from what many people think, have a great enemy which is not water. In fact, water can complicate you a lot if it’s on, but it has almost a better solution than the real nemesis of IT: the dust.

In fact, routing water to a computer is very complicated, if there is no human or animal intervention. This dust reaches all corners of the team, more than complicated, it is inevitable. The worst part is that it attacks both on the outside and on the inside. This is equivalent to an attack from several flanks. Who was to tell us that the powder was so well organized.

So if we want to beat him, we have to act the same way. In other words, organized. Therefore, we will go through parts and we will start by seeing how to clean the computer outside. Basically, because it’s the easiest part of the cleaning mess we face.

It goes without saying, although it should be remembered, that when cleaning a computer and its peripherals, it is not negotiable to disconnect it from the electrical outlet. With this measure, we not only prevent cramps, but also prevent impact damage that may occur in some rooms.

On another side, It is convenient to have space and lighting when cleaning the computer, to work more comfortably. In addition, it is advisable to put a tablecloth under the table where you are going to clean it, so that it collects the dirt that you remove and does not stick to the computer itself.

  • screen – We start with the easy and is it with a mop or ragWe are going to leave several points clearer than the way it was at the start. If we want it to shine, we can use a special product for crystals, which will give it an extra point of sharpness. Now if you want it to shine like new, a trick used by the same Steve Jobs is to take a few drops of alcohol on a cloth and circle the screen. Later, dry it with a dry cloth and it will look like it came from the store.
  • Box – The most important part, mainly because it protects the entire internal skeleton of the computer. The most rudimentary part can be cleaned with a tissue wet. Now the important thing is the area of ​​the wire rack. And this is the part that allows the equipment to ventilate, not fart. In other words, if the dust does not let air through, bad deal. To make it look like the gold throws, you can take a toothbrush or the keyboard brush and give it away with envy, until all the dust is removed. The one that is not removed will not only annoy but will end up sneaking in and touching more fragile elements

  • Mouse – A key device that also attracts dust even without using it. They can be optical or mechanical, although the latter are already on the verge of extinction. However, they are cleaned the same way, so there will be no problem. To leave it intact, the first step is to disconnect it from the computer, so that this can happen. In addition, we will remove the batteries. With a cloth soaked in alcohol, we clean the case, taking care not to get inside. As simple as that.
  • Wiring – This is how you will end up breaking your computer for not cleaning it: very wiring. This part of the equipment is very easy to clean, as it collects lint the size of a mouse. With a vacuum cleaner or a rag, you can give it a major facelift.

A broken cracker will make your keyboard broken too

It is important that when cleaning the computer from the outside, never use solvents or abrasives, even if you think it’s the most convenient. It’s not that.

How to clean your computer keyboard

Although it sounds like a joke, it doesn’t hurt to clean the keyboard once every 15 days. It is the part we use the most, the one with the most voids and the one that accumulates the most dirt, in proportion to its size. For this reason, we have to spend 5 minutes per fortnight cleaning it, repairing it and giving it splendor. As simple as turn it over and hallucinate with the falling shit. Once it’s all removed, before anyone sees it, we can take a thin brush, paintbrush, or better yet, an air bulb to blow out the dirt and leave it pristine.

The plastic part, like the screen, with a damp cloth it will be like new. Now, if we want to devote a little more affection to him, a good option is to take a Q-tip ears, imbue it with alcohol and go clean the key by key and hole by hole. It’s worth it.

To complete this cleaning and that everything is impeccable, the compressed air cartridges. The specials for this type of items, have a tube that allows air to enter areas where you would not reach with the swab.

And if, since you put it on, look for a high-end cleaning and leave the keyboard like it’s going to expose it to MOMA, you have the option of doing that as well. For this you can go remove the pieces one by one and clean them thoroughly, outside and inside. To do this, you need to extract them, being careful not to break them. The best practice is to use a small screwdriver.

When you have the key, take the opportunity to drill the hole with the Compressed air and remove any remaining dust. During this time, the keys can be cleaned with a damp cloth, cotton swab, or rag, but be careful not to let any liquid fall into the key holes. Maybe you only lose one letter, but it would be impossible to work without it, whatever it is.

That said, and since many people don’t have cans of compressed air or want to buy them, you can also use the hair dryer for this job. Just put it in a minimum distance of 5 centimeters and choose the medium heat option to apply hot air to keyboard keys and remove more dust than you ever imagined you could contain.

How to clean the inside of your computer

Once cleaned outside, it’s time to learn how to clean the computer inside. Now go ahead, if we don’t dare, there are companies that clean it for a very reasonable price and deliver it to you within hours. It’s worth it. Whether we jump in the pool and do it on our own, here’s what to do:

  • The first thing is dismantle the box and expose the equipment.
  • If we don’t know how is going inside the computer, It is convenient to draw a picture and underline everything that is removed to clean. From cables to screws to components. Draw the item, its color, name and the area it is placed in or you will end up having a problem.
  • If we are not going to move any parts, take a tissue and clean off the bolder and bolder first. It is important that the item we use don’t get wet, not even wet.
  • Then we take the boat from Compressed air And we breathe as if there is no tomorrow in every nook and cranny we see. It is also not a bad option to use a vacuum handThis way we will suck up the dirt, instead of pushing it out, with the risk that some of the rest will sink deeper into a piece.

How to clean the fans

If we know how to do it and choose to take computer parts apart, then everyone has their own way of cleaning. More than anything, so as not to damage them. And is same with air compressor compressed, some of the dust will remain in the computer, even if it’s in the part of the background you sent it to. So the first thing is to know how to clean the fans.

Once you’ve removed the fans (and noted how each cable is connected), blow them out with compressed air but keep the blades. Yeah, it’s great fun playing the reel, but you can load the rotor and then it stops being funny. Then with a cloth with alcohol, clean the ventilation bars and replace them when they are dry.

How to clean RAM

The next item to clean is the RAM memory and additional cards have the team. In this case, take a brush or brush and pass it through the sockets where the cards are connected. When you are finished, pass a hand vacuum to absorb dust and not spread it over the entire surface.

How to clean the motherboard

If you go to clean your computer’s motherboardIt is important to remove it so that dust does not get to other components. Once removed, Take a brush or paintbrush and carefully go through all the nooks and crannies. To leave it nickel-plated, hit it with the vacuum, not only to the motherboard, but also to the area it occupies in the computer, to remove any residue it has left behind.

And now, it’s time to put everything back in its place and trust it to work again. And it will. And much better than before.

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