Vinyl floors are all the rage. The large number of possibilities that they offer, in terms of economy and the fact of having a resistant and easy to maintain material, make that more and more people are launching for this type of flooring for their home. Vinyl floors are very versatile because they can be used in bathrooms and kitchens and are used in more special spaces such as offices, hospitals, among others. One of its greatest qualities is that it is very durable so it does not wear out easily and is quite resistant to moisture. If you have decided to place vinyl floors in your home, this article will surely be of interest to you when you know how to clean these floors to maintain them and last a long time.

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Cleaning vinyl floors

Vinyl floors are very waterproof but even so, care should be taken not to flood them at any time because if not properly installed, it could damage the floor sooner or later. When the vinyl floor is not placed well and has some sort of bump or roughness, it makes cleaning and maintenance more difficult than usual, so it is important that you pay attention to these details to know how maintain them in some point and enjoy all its advantages.

At the time of cleaning vinyl floors, never use slightly aggressive products such as strong water, ketones, solvents, bleach, among others.

You should also be careful because when there is a lot of heat, or a heat source is placed on the vinyl floor, this could damage and cause a complete deformation of the floor, so never directly expose an appliance. heater or similar on vinyl flooring.

To clean the vinyl floor, it is better to use a mop or vacuum cleaner. With lukewarm water in a mop, you can add a little neutral soap and start cleaning the floor. Always keep in mind that the cleaning products you use are not strong, and they do not damage the vinyl floor material in any way, which as we have seen before can get a bit delicate. The mop should be wrung out very well so that the floor is not too wet. It is about cleaning it in a proper and simple way without betting on aggressive problems.
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At no time does this occur to you waxing a vinyl floor because its material does not allow wax. Also remember that sliding furniture or the like can be a very bad option as it is very difficult to remove scratches later.

As you can see, cleaning a vinyl floor is very easy, you just have to pay attention to the products used and do it in the best possible way.