Indispensable, not only to keep it clean and aesthetically more pleasing, but if you wish keep a piece of furniture or decoration or floor, and even wooden roof, you must treat it in a special way.

how to clean wood

Each type of wood is different, each has a beauty and when cleaning it must be respected, that’s why, here at WoodMe, we will show you the different ways to clean wood, depending on the type of wood you find.

How to clean wood

Although it does not appear to be the case, wood tends to stain with some ease and although many people seem to be more concerned that do not crack and that it is varnished, one should also take into account that it is clean so as not to appear dull or aged.

Soap and hot water are not good for us because we can destroy them from within.

How to clean wood: varnished wood

It is quite simple to maintain. It is enough to check from time to time the accumulation of dust. Spend each day with a synthetic cloth, which removes all fibers from the dust and clean two to three times a week, with a mixture of water and soap.

how to clean varnished wood

Be sure that the mixture is hotBecause when you pass the cloth, by the way, it dries and does not have time to settle the liquid and less to absorb it. As it is varnish, the brightness it will gradually fade. You can add a teaspoon of vinegar to the mixture, to restore its shine.

How to clean wood: painted wood

He must be the most careful or we will end up taking the painting with us. You must pass a soft brush on the surface of the furniture, to remove the remains of dust and fibers that get stuck. Then with a sponge We pass gently over the surface, giving it a few passes with cold soap and water.

how to clean painted wood

We dry quickly with a cotton fabric then we can finish with a layer of wax, to give it shine and protect it. The wax layer once a year is sufficient.

How to clean wood: waxed wood

It is a wood which seems more delicate, but which is solid. To stay, just pass a soft cloth from time to time, wash off the dust and if you see that there is a stain that you do not like and that does not come out easily, you can use a little of turpentine. You can buy it in specialized stores, in hardware stores or painting workshops.

how to clean waxed wood

Just by applying a little will strengthen the wood and clean it. Then the wax is applied again and it will be like new. If there are stubborn stains, you can plug it up a bit.

How to clean wood: lacquered wood

how to clean wood

The treatment of lacquered wood is similar to that of varnished wood, but it does not lose its shine so easily. Although the dust does not settle as much, the soft synthetic cloth should be wiped clean and several times the cloth is wiped with hot soapy water, this is enough.

How to clean wood: natural wood

That there are also houses where it can be treated in the woods they do not go and prefer to have the natural wood. In this case, for its conservation, everything must be thought out to the nearest millimeter.

how to clean natural wood

  • It should not be in a dark and humid place
  • He also cannot be in a place where the sun is very
  • It is necessary that prevent fungal invasion

If you have wood on a porch where the breeze is blowing, but no moisture gets in and the temperature is right, natural wood furniture, without siding, will hold up well. To clean it, occasionally remove the dust with a soft cloth, dry and soft sanding, so that the chips do not get out of hand.

You already know how to clean wood and without having to spend a fortune. Do you know any home cleaning secrets we can use to wood from our house? Share them with us.