Choosing how to decorate a bedroom is a very important decision for give a warm atmosphere to our house. The bedroom is the intimate space par excellence. We will take advantage of our moments of relaxation and pleasure. Therefore, it is important that we provide it with a decoration that allows us to fully enjoy the time we spend there. In this sense, we have several options to give it a well-defined personality and identity according to our own tastes.

In Bricolaje10 we present you an entry in which we will give you some tips and ideas to get exactly the result you are looking for. We will focus particularly on the double rooms but we will give some advice for other types. In addition, we will give some decorative patterns for small rooms. In the latter case, there are general criteria that we always apply for each space.

How to decorate a bedroom

At the time of choose the decoration of our room First of all, think about what kind of look we want to give it. We can focus on a specific topic: asian guy, former, classic or rustic. For each of these options, we can count on specific accessories and furniture.

After finding the kind of identity we want for this very special space, we will think about how to create it. As always, we basically have two options: take over the project ourselves or visit a specialist area. In the latter case, we will find an assortment of the most motley. If, on the contrary, we decide to make all the parts that compose it ourselves, we must have our imagination awake. We also need to have some skill with the tools and the steps to follow. It’s a great way to start a valuable hobby.

We can restore old furniture that we have found or recycle all kinds of accessories found on the markets or even in containers. It’s all about initiative and inventiveness. In this case, we must take into account all the measures. It will certainly be necessary to make a bit of an architect, a bit of an interior designer and a bit of an artist. If we follow a well-defined decorative line, the results are likely to be spectacular.

How to decorate a bedroom

Another important aspect is to set a budget. This should be a closed budget and should be done before visiting an establishment or starting any type of reform or project. This will save us unnecessary and unforeseen expenses.

At the same time, it is very good that we consult tAll possible sites specializing in decoration and DIY. This will help us know what elements we should include and it will also serve as inspiration. Consulting other ideas will always make our choice a little easier.

How to decorate a small double bedroom

As we always remember in Bricolaje10, when we have to decorate a small space light becomes an essential factor. Indeed, the way we manage the brightness will make the result very positive in small rooms. The first criterion to take into account in relation to light is color. Light colors are best suited for small spaces because they make the most of the light. This will help to give a greater feeling of space.

If our bedroom is small, using dark tones will only help to give a Closed space. For this reason, we will choose light tones, mainly whites, pastels and soft browns. Regarding white, we will use it for the walls, curtains and blankets and bedding. The same goes for pastel tones. Although we can combine the two colors by assigning one for the walls and the rest for the accessories. In both cases, to respect the white that surrounds it, the wood will give a soft and natural appearance.


Likewise, we can achieve an excellent result thanks to the artificial lighting for the night. We can achieve this with a well-designed lighting strategy. Installing lights behind the headboard or in hidden spaces will give a magnificent presence. The ceiling height is another factor to consider for lighting. In the case of having low ceilings, we will look for lamps that do not hang too much so as not to give the feeling of proximity between them and the rest of the room. If, on the other hand, we have high ceilings, this will be a great opportunity to highlight the space by putting lamps that are more suspended.

Design plays a very important role in these cases. For a small room the organization furniture efficient will be a great option. A table that can become a table or a chest that can be used as a bench for dressing are simple solutions with very good results.

We will try not to saturate the room with furniture and on the contrary we will place other elements that are lighter and do not take up as much space type frames with photographs or landscapes. It is a very good idea to place mirrors which at the same time help to improve the feeling of space.

The bed works against us in this regard. Be a wedding room the bed will demand its own space, which in all likelihood will always be too much. If we can choose one sofa that at the same time, it is worth it for us to put things under, better than better.

How to decorate a small bedroom

Basically, by following the advice we have offered for double rooms, we can have a Appropriate guidelines for decorating a small bedroom in general. However, there are other types of rooms that will allow us better licensing. Especially nurseries or rooms for teenagers offer a more daring strategy. In particular, we suggest installing base units. They contribute very well to giving a feeling of space while occupying less. This is the case of Japanese type pull-out beds. These are beds whose base rests on the ground and rises only about ten centimeters. We will try to play with the spaces by installing hanging shelves where all the material is well organized.

How to decorate a small bedroom

Another case that allows us this type of marriages is that of bunks suspended above the desk. Since we don’t have a lot of space across the width, we can take advantage of the height. Installing a double floor inside the room will give a very good appearance; at the same time it will serve to save space and adding it will be great fun for the little ones. An excellent solution is fabric modules. These allow you to install drawers almost anywhere. They create holes where they can put their clothes. Its installation is very simple: normally a Velcro fixes the whole structure. This way we can take advantage of a simple bar or slat from the bunk to place a new organizer.

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