You want to know how to decorate a folder with foami? This folder you can have in your office or is your children’s study folder, you can decorate and personalize it as you like with foami by following the steps I am about to give you and with the material as you will know below.

Read on and you will see how easy it is to decorate a folder for your desktop with foami.

Starting with the material: you need scissors, foami, liquid silicone, wrapping paper and the folder you want to decorate. Fold the backrest in half, guided by the original fold, and unfold it so that when stretched, it is flat. Lay the wrapping paper out on the worktable and place the folder with the rustic part on the paper. Leaving 2 cm margins., start to cut the paper. Apply liquid silicone to the backrest, pressing down with a cloth so that it adheres. If it has already adhered sufficiently, turn it over and make a few cuts in the corners then fold the edges of the paper (the 2 cm. That you left in the margins) to stick them inside the binder. Now lay out a sheet of foam on the worktable. Place the backrest on top and always cut leaving 2 cm. on the margins. Apply liquid silicone to the other part of the mask and place it on the foam sheet making sure it is centered. Then press the backrest with a cloth to make it adhere.

If it is already well glued, fold it from side to side to give it flexibility. For the finish you will cut some 7 x 2.5 cm foam strip with a rounded end for the strap. On the right side of the backrest side peel off the foam to stick the foam strip you will use as a strap and after applying a little liquid silicone press to adhere. Now cut another strip of foam by 5 x 1.5 cm to lock the strap and glue it to the cover.


Foam backs

I have already shown you how to decorate a desk folder with foami, but if you like decorate a folder for children for school you can also do it in the following way. In this case, you will need pieces of foam of different colors, paintbrushes, sharp or decorative scissors, florist’s thread, a hole punch, an acetate sheet, the shirt with hooks, translucent paints different colors, cold paint in different colors, a black permanent marker and with a fine point, contact glue and a figure that you will use as a design.


On the acetate sheet you will transfer the design of the pattern. Then each of these boss pieces You will transfer them to the foami according to their color. Glue each of the pieces together, then use the cool, translucent paints to paint. Take the folder and paste the foami in the folder, then the figure you chose. Now I will show you another type of backrest decorated with foami, ideal for save all your preschool items.

In this case, you need as a material a pencil, a drawing that you like, a thread with a color that contrasts with the rest, a silicone gun, foam sheets drawing colors, scissors, a perforator, cold paints, a plate, a transparent silicone stick, an acocador or a wooden reel.

Then follow these instructions: take a sheet of foam in the color you like for the backrest and fold it in half; take the hole punch and make holes in the sides; join two strands of thread of contrasting color to that of the sheet you have just folded, pass the strands through the perforations and tie the threads; Now you are going to transfer the pieces of the design to the foami and you are going to decorate the lid, cut out the pieces, take a dry brush to give shadows and lighting to the pieces with colors that contrast with the base; Join the pieces and glue them using the silicone gun and finish with chalk, markers or with a crystal shine.

How to make a folder with foami – Materials

You can make a folder with foami for yourself or for children with other materials. In this case, make a doll as decoration.

How to make a folder with a foam doll

You need 3mm green, skin, yellow, pink, blue and fuchsia foam, orange textured foam, pink printed foam, paper, pencil, markers. Buttons, thread, thread, blunt needle, hot glue gun and iron.

You will first create the pattern by cutting out a rectangle with a measures 35 x 24 cm. Take a ruler and find the middle of the 35 cm and mark on each side 8.5 cm. have 17 cm marked. For the backrest handle model you need 10 cm and you will cut 4 x 9 cm cut in the center and you will cut it. This will be the basic pattern that you will place in the middle of the double piece foam sheet. Cut four 14 x 6 cm strips. Transfer the folder template onto the larger sheet of foam. Fold the sheet in half and transfer it to the back with a pen. Pyrography around the outline of the backrest, then you will reinforce the handles with textured foam. To make the doll, you will draw a circumference of 10 cm. in diameter in skin-colored foam and you will shade the edges, you will paint the eyes and in the mouth you will color it. Cut an arm strap with 4 fingers and a fist. A square of 4 x 2 cm will be the fingers with rounded and shaded ends. With a half moon you will make the hair with curls with mousse. Draw a triangle of foam for the dress by collecting waves on the neck and a 25 x 12 m rectangle for the legs with the feet curled so that they reach about 7 cm. the thickness of the legs. Shade and glue the pieces in the backrest with double tape.

How to create a folder with foami – steps

You can also create a folder with foami by following the following steps:

  • Nail clipper Foam sheet 30 x 20 cm, then mark the middle
  • Short sheets of 18 x 13 cm
  • Place all sheets together and apply glue white on the ends, then let dry
  • Of the other side of the folder makes three marks. One to 6 cm. another at 7 and another at 8 cm
  • With a cutter cuts width and place the colors alternately and you will have your note folder ready with colored pencils

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