At the time of decorate a patio There are several fundamental aspects that we must take into account. First, the layout showing the surface. We have to look at what type of pavement it has (if it has one) and how the different parts are organized. In this, not only the surface it occupies, that is to say the quantity and type of soil, but also the amount of light available. This last factor will be decisive during the organization of the project. A patio that has half the area covered, and therefore in the shade, is not the same as one that is exposed or has some type of half shade, as is the case with patios with vines or trellises.

So two factors: light and earth. Another factor that we must take into account is the previous condition of the patio. We’ll look at how much construction and labor you need and how well we can work on it. There are patios that are perfect infrastructure conditions and therefore, they leave more space to work with them. Others, however, lack a fixed water supply. These are generally old constructions supplied by a well or an underground waterway.

In this article, we’ll cover these and other topics. All of them, after all, will aim to give you tips and advice on getting the most out of your patios.

How to decorate a patio

Patios are spaces that are normally used as storage rooms, but their possibilities are enormous. For example, a pergola and a table with chairs will improve our life for a simple detail. The budget for decorating a patio is usually quite affordable. It must be said that in all probability this is the cheapest place to decorate. And it is that the decoration of a patio is one of those things that, in exchange for very little, we can get a lot out of it.


So placing pots on the walls or pots on the floor will give you a very lively and happy look. We can make a patio with a theme with very little. In other words, we can select certain species of plants of the same type or the same climate which offer a coherent view of the whole. The Cordoba patio option is an increasingly popular option. The reason is that it offers a very attractive result almost exclusively thanks to the pottery of its pots.

How to decorate a small patio

In the case of small patios, it is better not to saturate them with vegetation. This will make you feel like you are “closed” on yourself and make the space a little claustrophobic. In addition, darkness will soon cover him completely and humidity it will be unbearable. For this reason, we recommend that few elements be reserved for small patios which, nevertheless, bring a lot of identity. In this sense, a small fountain (attached to the wall) will be useful. The sound of the water will give the patio much more intense stimuli.


It is also better to have vegetation, but small in size. It is ideal for having plants such as roses, camellias or mint. The latter and, in general, all aromatic plants, are the best option for decorating small patios. With the fountain, aromatic plants will get a lot out of a small space in return for not “cluttering”. We will get the best qualities of a patio: the freshness and the feeling of the outdoors without falling into the disadvantages of a small space. A few small chairs (even folding) and a table in the center of which you can install an umbrella stand and an umbrella that can be opened and closed at will are the best options.

How to decorate outdoor patios

As we have already commented, there are several factors to take into account that will in fact largely condition the type of patio we can prepare. The two factors mentioned earlier, light and soil are very important. Of course, the two are linked to a factor which is, so to speak, the sum of the two: the weather. It is ideal for conditioning our terrace at weather conditions where we live. This will save us a lot of effort at the start. At the same time, it will make all the vegetation grow in a healthier way without causing strain or suffering. The ground is a factor that we can transform, the light obviously not. Despite this, it is still useful to have vegetation typical of a soil type. For depleted soils, fertilizers and enriched soils can solve it.


Everything that has been said so far relates to the essential element for decorate a patio: the vegetation. Therefore, before commenting on the rest of the decorative elements, we must plan well with the factors already described the type of vegetation we want. Vines are generally very affordable plants. They cover a lot of space and are also very durable. With proper control, we can direct them and prevent them from proliferating excessively.

For example, ivy or vines they are good candidates to ensure shade in hot weather. These are ideal options if we have a medium sized patio or a large one. This is because they create a feeling of withdrawal. At the same time, these vines make it possible to delimit the spaces very well. A gazebo is a great option to combine with these types of plants. It will be a fantastic space to spend pleasant evenings and at the same time it will be a more intimate space thanks to our vineyard.

Another option to decorate our patio are garden furniture. Tables and chairs will be needed in our gazebo, but there are more options. For example, a swing greatly enriches large and medium patios. This again helps to give a touch of peace and rest while making the stay more comfortable. As for tables and chairs, it must be said that a very interesting option for them is stone. Instead of a conventional table, we can put a permanent stone surrounded by stone benches. Normally, this type of arrangement is generally circular and makes any patio look very good.

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