Decorating a rustic bathroom can be bold, sophisticated, cottage-style, or an ode to nature. There are several options available to you to get a personalized rustic bathroom, here we will show you pictures and some useful ideas to achieve it.

Rustic bathroom

How to decorate a rustic style bathroom

The rustic decor It’s still in fashion for another season, and there’s nothing more fascinating than using real wood, the ability to leave the grain in view, or using natural elements as props to make a room. bathtub that you can enjoy, wherever you are.

Depending on the budget you have, you can choose freestanding bathtubs, visible or colored grain wood furniture, natural stone covered walls, wood style ceramic floors, etc. Then we will show you some ideas and photos to immortalize them.

Furniture for a rustic bathroom

Are considered rustic furniture those that are made with natural materials, such as wood or also the inclusion of stone elements They can be sensational, just see the photo.

In this kind of wooden furniture You can find a multitude of colors (oak, beech, mahogany, pine, light wood …). If you have old furniture in your home, don’t miss the opportunity to give it new life.

Rustic floors and walls

Did you know that you can decorate floors and walls with wood? So that it is not damaged by moisture, you can find wood effect ceramic or porcelain tiles, which implies that you can rub them calmly and that they will not get damaged with water. Their tone will be an important element, as we recommend that you always include a light color to maximize the light and thus appear wider.

As I have mentioned in other sections, the calculation He’s also going to have a relevant role and that looks really good.

Sinks for a rustic bathroom

One of the details that we like the most about this type of bathroom is the built-in sinks, which you can also combine with a rustic type faucet or you can combine it with another type of style to create something even more personalized.

On this occasion, as we mentioned earlier, you can see the stone sinks and that in itself turns out to be a decorative element.

Decoration accessories

Rustic bathroom clawfoot tub

the plants They are a perfect element to include them in any bathroom, because they offer great vitality and color in the room, besides being an element that enhances the naturalness of the decoration.

Depending on the amount of natural light entering your bathroom, you can choose natural plants (still the most recommended, of course) or choose artificial plants. In the latter case, we recommend that you invest in plants or flowers that give well and look as natural as possible.

Do not lose sight of other types of details such as:

  • vintage or antique effect mirrors, who can remain divine; at the same time, you can opt for a wrought iron element, which combines very well with all that is indicated above.
  • tap vintage style, in the colors black or gold. It is better to leave the metallic silver colors for other types of styles.
  • stool in wood, being able to choose a color that contributes to giving more vitality to the room.
  • lighting: Also pay attention to the type of lighting you choose, from the color and intensity of the light to the lamps. Direct lighting is not the same as indirect lighting, nor a cool tone than a warm tone.

With these ideas you can easily get a rustic decoration for your bathroom, perfectly customizable and adaptable to your budget.