It always happens that in the house there is a bare wall that we do not know how or with what to decorate. Or we move to a new apartment and there isn’t even a budget to think about artwork, dividers or the like decorative elements. To have a bad time, nothing better than to get creative, and take a look at the following ideas and tips that we are going to show you for decorating a wall.


How to decorate a wall

The first thing to consider when decorating a wall is what room it is in. Because, depending on this, it may be more suitable or more practical to opt for a decoration style or another. We wouldn’t decorate a bathroom the same as a bedroom and a kitchen, right?

So if we are in a bedroom or main room, what you need to keep in mind is that you are primarily looking for a relaxing environment. Ideal for this area in which we are looking to rest after a long day of work. The walls in this room are perfectly bathed in blue, as it is a tone that conveys tranquility. In this solid tone, shelves, pictures and photographs are the best way to bring joy and personality to your room.

Instead, in a children’s room we will look for a cheerful and positive decoration. Ideally, use a neutral base color, such as white or pastel hues, and enhance it with stickers and pictures. This will allow children to see the bedroom as a playful space which, however, will not be too exciting for those necessary moments of relaxation. and images, and using a neutral white color, highlight these types of details. Lightweight panels can also be a suitable decoration.

In the bathroom, the trend is undoubtedly the use of ceramic pieces. The most common are blue tones, due to the connection with water, as well as single-color palettes that give a feeling of warmth and comfort. Earthy, green or white tones are alternative combinations that were very popular. If you want to give it an extra decorative touch, you can use vinyls.

Offices must maintain an image of sophistication and professionalism, like a good workspace, they are. But it is also important that they provide a relaxed and calm environment, so that the working hours go by without stress and tension. For this, the best combination is undoubtedly white walls with warm wooden decorative elements and specific metal elements. A few plants will also bring color and joy. And, for that touch of elegance, the best are undoubtedly minimalist paintings with black frames.

Finally, we come to the living room and the kitchen. For the former, in general, you can follow the same guidelines as those of the offices. With the difference of being able to put professionalism aside and change it for personal and happy touches. While for the kitchen, as for the bathroom, ceramics are generally the most used. Green and earthy tones are very common in kitchens, although it doesn’t hurt to take risks with reds and magentas. To add further details, picture, vinyls and Photographs, full of colors and landscapes, they are ideal.


How to decorate a wall with pictures

So far we have covered items for decorate the walls of your home in general. But we do not always have the possibility of doing work to paint a room, or money to buy pictures or large decorative elements. Nail economical alternative to all this are the Photographs.

The first option is definitely posters. Far from considering them as a decoration for a bedroom for children or teenagersThey are also a very original way to decorate the walls of a living room, a master bedroom or an office. The best part is that they are fully customizable. Just find and print the pictures you like, you can even create them yourself with a photo editing program, and you can stick them on the wall with an interesting composition. If you want to improve their quality, an alternative is to have them printed in a copier or to use glossy paper. You can also frame them, to turn them into real works of art.

Adhesive vinyls can also be a great idea for decorating a wall. They are an alternative with a more sophisticated and elegant finish to that of posters. It is therefore ideal for adult bedrooms, living rooms and offices. But they can also be used in nurseries and children’s rooms, it is only a matter of choosing a suitable design for each situation and type of room.


Of course, the more classic alternative is to use photographs and framed pictures to decorate your walls. The first tip is, of course, to choose images that appeal to you, one idea is that all images share a theme, this way you will create cohesion in the room, or that they will show colors of the same palette or tone. . If you are not very fond of putting family photos or thinking of pictures, an alternative is to use drawings and abstract or minimalist shapes. The choice of size is also very important, as it will influence the composition. If you want to decorate an empty wall, one idea is, instead of putting a very large photograph, put several small ones and create an interesting composition.

For children’s walls, normally the ideal is hang posters (as we have already said) or drawings made by them. Besides looking pretty and serving as a reminder, it’s a great way to reward child labor and show them the value of what they’ve done. In these rooms you can also use decorative children’s vinyls, vinyls are the best allies of the walls, they are very functional and there is also a lot of choice, from full wall covering to simple designs that you can place in places. specific.

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