Is the birthday of the little one of the house coming and you run out of ideas to prepare the mother of all Holidays? No problem. Here are the guys from WoodMe to save the day. And he complies. We will show you how to decorate children’s parties with recycled materials. Not only will you have an epic celebration, but the price the same will be ridiculous. Cool eh?

And is that, even though it’s hard to believe, MacGyver He’s not the only one to have done magic with what he had on hand. There are many things we can all pull out of our sleeve, with the materials we have around the house. The only thing they have to show us sometimes is the way to see it clearly. What to us is trash meat or collects dust in a corner, can bring the birthday party or whatever is your little one to life.

How to decorate children’s parties with recycled materials

In fact, many times you won’t even need to download Chinese for nothing. We assume that the house contains the usual elements of a house that is inhabited and in constant operation. If so, we are ready to learn how to decorate children’s parties with recycled materials.

Balloons and garlands

In many cases, this is the first thing we think about: garlands. These bands that go from one side of the room to the other and that if you buy in the store, in addition to the money, they will party like the others. Random posters are all the same, let’s put a little originality on them. For this we only need strings of different colors, sheets, boxes or even newspapers and magazines. That, scissors and weather and patience.

  • Step 1 – Cut out several strips of paper of different widths to make it look like a house and let people know you have worked a thousand of them.
  • 2nd step – If you want to make circles, you need to make it a circumference shape and glue both sides. The next link must be inserted into the previous one, in order to form a chain.
  • Step 3 – If you want to make a cross, take the piece of paper in the middle and go from one end to the other. Paste them. Do the same with another piece and glue them in half. Insert one of the edges into the link
  • Step 4 – Combine crosses and circles until you can successfully carry the garland from one side of the room to the other. It’s a bit repetitive, but that’s how assembly lines are. The bad thing is that in this one there is only one worker and that’s you. Nobody said it was easy.

Regarding the Balloons, the options are endless. For now, we’re giving you three, which is three years. After this time, we are looking for new alternatives.

The first option we consider is a classic: fill the ceiling with balloons. To achieve this, in addition to the balloons, we will need some helium. Fortunately, in online and specialty stores they already have this gas available in a party format. If we want to give them a more fun point, we can tie them up rope and at the end, hang garlands or envelopes with tests and games that the little ones can do at the party.

Another option, also with helium, can be to leave the strings on, but with nothing at the end. For the time being. Once the party has started let’s go Take pictures and print them at the moment, if we have the material, also available in all types of mobiles, photography and department stores. So we will go hang pictures of balloons and these, in turn, will keep them in the air. Kids can take the balloon and souvenir photo from the best birthday party ever.

Finally, if we want to stay with everyone, before releasing the helium balloons towards the ceiling, we can stick a cone in the ass. The effect that they will do when they get up is that they will look like flavored ice cream on top. Nice way to welcome the little ones. Of course, have ice cream for the guests, because the subconscious is very treacherous, and children do not play with these things. Better to prevent.

Table decoration

When it comes to decorating tables, we don’t have to think about what to put. No centerpieces, not even a small carved ice figure, not a dressed man Bob Sponge Everything is much simpler. Without going any further, with the plastic plates that we are going to use for the food.

As easy as taking 20 plates and decorating them according to the consumer. For some, we can glue ears on the back or eyes that move in the center and draw a face. Mustaches, hats, makeup … Everything is possible thanks to eva rubber, foam or cardboard. We can complete the combo with a few phrases dedicated to the children who come to the birthday party or to the boy himself.

Another option we have requires quite a bit of empty toilet paper rolls, so we have to plan ahead and, almost better, seek help from our loved ones with the material. The more tubes, the better. And is that with them you can create all kinds of shapes and create a spectacular decoration for the children’s party. Even if we have time, we can paint them. If that sounds like too much, just glue them together and shape them like a number (years), heart, or create the child’s initial.


How to make a piñata? With a lot of cardboard, duct tape and a bit of deception. You will need the skill to create the number of years or the initial of the child. A bit more. Once you have it, you can fill it with candy or whatever you want, put a little strong rope on top, and hang it from the ceiling.

Of course, pay attention to the direction that the sticks the children take to break it. he The small mouse it is aligned in these types of events.

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