In WoodMe, we bet that it is you who decorate the house with your decorations, or that you fix something that has broken. This time we are focusing on the so called Eva rubber and how you can get some creative decorative designs.


Crafts with Eva rubber are very easy to do and in a short time we can all become experts so that we can correct small flaws in places such as the bathroom or for example make beautiful ones
Foam figurines or make prints on fabric.

What is Goma Eva?

Goma Eva is a type of substance formed by a infinite number of molecules which is known as a polymer and that at elevated temperatures i.e. if heated, it is completely moldable.
The name Eva is due to its composition, which in English is ethylene vinyl acetate, and it is in fact a complement to many other materials with which to make crafts, because in no case it does not replace them. It is also known as Sparkling.

Decorate with Eva gum

Once we have seen what Eva rubber is, we can start to see what decorations we can get with it.
I must say that for my taste it is a lot better than felt (and easier to handle) when creating decorative patterns.
A few days ago, I broke my bathroom mirrors by accident, and seeing that the shape of the cracks was from a common place, looking like a plant, I created an Eva rubber factory with butterflies and flowers in rubber Eva. I stuck these designs on the mirrors and it was even better than before, more colorful and most importantly, you don’t even notice the accident.
Moreover, not only we can make all kinds of shapes with eva rubber, but also can decorate cardboard boxes lined with wrapping paper or other kind of paper, to which they can add beautiful patterns for children, for example, to make them look nice and in this way look much more decorated.
Large boxes can be found in craft stores, although they are also in any store that sells “everything for a dollar”. These types of boxes are the best because they have a cover and you can store clothes that are no longer in use, things and all kinds of things that we don’t want to leave in sight in them and we can also decorate them with Eva rubber, like How am I going to teach you now?


Decorate a box with Eva glue

Well, in order to decorate the boxes with foam rubber, you need the following materials:

  • Colored eva rubber.
  • Cartons lined or wrapped in paper but which are quite resistant, since the idea is that it lasts a certain time.
  • Glue.
  • The scissors.
  • Pencil.

The mold of a favorite character can even be taken from the Internet, or it can be stars, flowers, butterflies, whatever they want.
You just have to heat the Eva rubber and give it the shape you want or place the mold with the desired silhouette. Once we have the shape, we fix it with glue on the box and that’s it!
With these materials used creatively, they can have beautiful lined boxes in their bedroom or even in the living room, not realizing that they are made of cardboard, they also look so beautiful that they are decorative and when ‘they are stacked in a corner, they are renewed and full of life.

Decoration video with Goma Eva

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