In good weather, the terrace becomes an essential element to cope with everyday life. If to this we add a forced quarantine, the terrace becomes paradise at home. For this reason, it is convenient to have this cutest space possible. This does not mean that you spend a single euro on it. Not if you know how to decorate your terrace with boxes

How to decorate your patio with boxes

Whatever the size of your terrace, you can decorate it without spending a single euro. Well, or the minimum euros to make it perfect for the sunny season and good weather. We show you how to decorate the terrace with boxes and we offer you several ideas that you can customize as you wish.

How to decorate your terrace with boxes: module

The first option we offer is absolutely customizable. Basically it is to create a element module as you want and stack them as much as you want. In this case, we took two wooden fruit boxes, we have cleaned them and respected their natural color. The use we have made of the two elements is Planter. Obviously you can use it to have glasses or plates for drinks, tools, board games, drinks …

On another side, if you are going to stack more than two boxes, it is recommended to apply wood glue between each element. This way you will make sure you give it more stability and prevent it from falling on someone. On the other hand, if you have space, you can also have a module with several boxes in decreasing progression. Start with three, go to two and end with one. If you have a strong inspiration, you can even paint them in gradient. Why not?

How to decorate your patio with boxes: shelves

That the shelves and shelves go through the roof? We know, and that’s why we tell you how to decorate your terrace with boxes. In this case, act as shelves, in addition to offering lateral and superior protection.

In this case, everything is as simple as dress up the boxes and paint them in the color that matches your patio. You need to calculate the wooden fruit crates you need, depending on the space to be covered. Also remember that no need to drill holes. If you want to hang them without damaging the wall, you have huge clips that will prevent holes in the patio wall which can lead to cold in the pierced area.

How to decorate your terrace with boxes: large table

If the shelves are very high, what about the tables of a certain size: prohibitive. What is certain is that we don’t need to invest hundreds of euros in a tableIf we have four boxes of fruit and the time to devote to it. Certainly an idea of how to decorate your terrace with boxes most original and economical. Although we may have to invest a little money in painting the cans. A few things.

As seen in the picture, just glue the four wooden crates, one with the other, in the same position and leaving the same space, until make a perfect square. If we did, well, there should be four spaces to store things in front of diners and a central area with a square hole. In spaces, of course, we can save whatever we want. The center hole can be 80% filled, and from there place a plant or a candle in the center.

How to decorate your patio with boxes: small table

Unfortunately yes your terrace is modest and the space is small, the solution goes through leave three of the four boxes and stick to one. The truth is, we don’t need more on a patio with limited dimensions. To know how to decorate your terrace with boxes It has this advantage, which is tailored to the needs.

So, we have several options with this cheap table. Directly put it on the terrace and start using it as is. Apply some protector and paint it to match the rest of the furniture. Also, to keep things from falling, we can place a personalized glass and, thus, protect the upper area. Either way, it never hurts to have a table to leave everything on when we step out onto the patio, even on our knees.

How to decorate your patio with boxes: flower pot

It couldn’t be delayed any longer. The ideal use of a basket for a terrace: be a flowerpot. Now everything varies depending on the type of box. In this case, we took a magazine rack type box with a handle which, in addition to being a planter, is a decorative element with a vintage touch that makes you fall in love. And is that nobody said to learn how to decorate your terrace with boxes was something complicated.

Before putting the plants on the box, you must put a plastic container inside to be able to pour water, soil and compost. If we leave it in direct contact with the wood, it will eventually die and the wood will rot.

How to decorate your patio with boxes: pouf

The size of the terrace not only conditions the table, but also chairs surrounding him. In this case, if you want to know how to decorate your terrace with boxes and be able to sit there, a pouf is the best alternative. Not only do they take up little space, but when you collect them, you can stack them up, gaining space at the top.

As for the pouf, as we can see, it needs a fruit box per piece and a top area which is also easy to assemble. It will all depend on how hard and thick you want your ottoman to be. We recommend you buy a foam mattress and cut it to size (they are very inexpensive). When you have it, you put a similar fabric cover over all the ottomans and you already have your custom patio seating set.

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