If you inevitably have to resign yourself to a smaller bathroom, make sure it is at least well designed. In these cases, proper planning is essential. Any late regret will bring frustration or inconvenience, waste of time and money, especially if you need to move tubes. Here we give you some information that will help you to plan everything better.

Who will use the bathroom?

Children, adults or the elderly? Passing or staying visitors?

If it is for daily use, it is more likely that, due to limited space, it will not be possible to share it with another person at the same time, nor use it as a locker room. Enjoy the little space.

An idea if you don’t have a closet space and need privacy, is to install a small ceiling grid, in a corner of your room, and hang a fabric that you can collect when you’re not using it as a partition.

With or without a bathtub?

If the bathroom is used only by visitors who pass by (do not stay), you can choose do not install a shower or bath, and allocate that space to put a piece of furniture to keep or a beautiful ornament. It will depend on the number of bathrooms in your home.

If the space is not enough for you to incorporate a bathtub, opt for a good bath. The best location is usually against the background.

If the bathroom is too small, you can turn almost any room into a large shower. But worry about some details: put a drain in the center with enough inclination to collect the water, make sure that the water does not spill on the toilet paper or towels and that the walls are very well protected and sealed with the cover materials. rain.

Enamelled cast iron bathtubs or showers are sturdy, but very heavy and tend to cool hot water. If your bathroom is on the second floor, make sure that it can support the weight of the bathtub filled with water.

Stamped steel ones are cheaper and lighter than cast iron ones.

Acrylics are very cheap and light, but they scratch easily. Scratches are removed by polishing them with special products.

Fiberglass ones are usually reinforced. They are light and pleasant to the touch. They come in a wide range of models.

How to achieve a more spacious effect when designing a small bathroom?

A simple, quick and economical solution to give a feeling of greater space is install a large mirror on one of the walls, usually the longest, or in front of the door.

Paint with light colors and soft and complemented with ornaments, accessories, towels and curtains in bright colors: it will take the look out of a clinically cold environment.

Use horizontal lines along the walls to increase the feeling of spaciousness. You can reach them by incorporating stonework or small colored ceramic strips.

Reinforce with good natural and / or artificial lighting, letting the light reflect in the mirror.

Get to work – how to design a small bathroom

The main thing is that you choose furniture of adequate size for your bathroom. All brands have different alternatives in terms of price and size.

An idea to make better use of space

Choose a built-in sink and continue with the deck above the bathroom. You should choose a low cabinet (one piece) and place it next to the sink (against the same wall). The lid must be narrowed when passing over the bathroom. Place a ledge at the top that also continues along the entire length.

If you need storage space, take advantage of what’s under the sink to place shelves or drawers. You can also install shelves above the bathroom tank.

Do not place loose accessories on the floor (clothes racks, towel racks, trash cans). Hang them so you don’t trip over them. The order expands the spaces. Don’t keep a lot of things in sight, store them in baskets, drawers or in the built-in closet. Do not use the shower area to store things.

If the sink is too small, install a faucet like a hairdresser’s (shower type), which allows you to wash your hair without splashing water.

Where to open the door?

If you need to ventilate outside, open the door outside, but if you prefer to control the air outlet, leave them opening inwards.

If the bathroom is too small, you may not have enough space to open or open it. In that case, consider replacing it with a sliding or folding door

When designing a small bathroom and having to open it inside, try to keep the bathroom hidden behind the door. This will put you in a more private position.

How to ventilate?

If the bathroom is small and has a shower, you will need good ventilation. If you cannot supply naturally, resort to extractors. The size of the hood, the length of time it must remain in operation and the size of the outlet ducts must be related to the cubic meters of your bathroom.

How to reduce costs?

In large bathrooms, the choice of tiles can occupy a significant part of the budget, but in small bathrooms it is possible to have some “luxuries”. In any case, there will always be alternatives for all budgets. The cheapest are paints, plastic coatings and some ceramics. The most expensive, but always elegant and distinguished, are marbles and granites.

If you are not going to incorporate a shower in the bathroom, you can restrict the use of tiles and ceramics only to the area directly exposed to water. The rest, paint with a good bathroom paint.

For the bathroom design, you can use the leftover pottery or buy cheap pottery of different colors. Share them and make the drawing you like best, in the “Gaudi style”. You will be surprised to see the wonders that can be achieved with this technique (called “trencadís”) and a little taste. You can even cover curved walls. It is slower, but you can turn it into a fun panorama and do it as a family.

If you are going to have bathrooms on the first and second floors, combine the locations and try to keep the different furniture on the same line. You will need fewer meters of water and sewer pipes, which can also turn into an interesting economy.