How to extend the life of your razors
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Tired of throwing away razors after two uses? We will try to learn how we can extend its lifespan and use, to reduce our waste, especially plastic. Although I recommend that if you really care about your waste and the environment, go to classic or electric razors. They will give you the same result, you will significantly reduce your waste and save money in the long run.

Disposable razors are comfortable, but lose their effectiveness in no time. They last a short time, a few shaves and we have to throw them away, with great sadness for our wallet and for the environment. The amount of plastic razors thrown away every day is incredible.

There is a system that, while it doesn’t fix the problem, can help us try to increase the life of our disposable razors. All you need are old jeans.

The jean technique.

There is a cheap method. While it is true that the durability of disposable razors is conditioned by their sharpness and the cleanliness of the blades. To improve its sharpness, we can use a rough and delicate fabric at the same time as jeans.

Simply rub the razor blades with your jeans at least 20 times, in the opposite direction of the cut, and you’re done. The roughness of the fabric will ensure that the razor blade is like new again. A little alcohol can help you get the job done. In this way, you can extend its lifespan.


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Alternatives to disposable razors.

Obviously, the electric razor, but not everyone likes it. Especially those with more sensitive skin or who don’t like a shallow shave.

You can also use a regular razor, those with the blades used by professional barbers. A good choice, but keep in mind that it takes more time and experience to avoid cuts.

Classic shave. Image: Panint Jhonlerkieat Shutterstock

Either option is better than a disposable razor.

I also saw on the net an accessory to sharpen the blades and remove the dirt. The same as we get with the cowboy. If you are curious, you can take a look at for example Razorpit, a product made by a Danish company founded in 2008. It is a rigid material base that cleans and sharpens the blades and increases their efficiency up to 60 times, according to the manufacturer. .