• Earthenware tank.
  • With a large capacity, between 20 and 25 liters.
  • The location is as high as you ask for the mug.
  • The union between the tank and the bowl is made by means of screws. It must be secured with gaskets so that the seal is complete. In addition, the passage of water is carried out through a threaded tube, forming a hermetic seal by means of seals, rubber discs.

How can we repair the tank ourselves

One of the most common failures in our home that can occur in the bathroom is that the cistern breaks down. A jam can easily occur if we push the button too far or remove it. If our cistern emits a noise that is very distinguished by its insistence, we can see how a jet of water is constantly coming out of the cistern, we have a escape.

With a series of very simple steps, you will find that it is not difficult to fix it ourselves. You dare?

To begin with, we have to lift the cover to access the mechanism. To do this, you have to loosen the handle on the top of the bucket, unscrew the guide and thus be able to open the lid. Once we open it we need to check if the float is okay regulated, because it is the cause of the leaks. Tighten the screw securely in case the flies.

In case pressing the float does not solve the problem, we have to keep looking. Then we have to close the water tap and empty the cistern. Do not turn off the general water for the whole house, it is not necessary, with the toilet will do. Once completed, we removed the system from the valve water inlet, which is formed by the arm and the float. To do this, we first unscrew the plastic nut on the valve, at the opposite end of the arm from which the float is suspended.

After we remove the pressure mechanism, the plastic screw, we also need to remove the shoe inlet or filling valve. We can help each other with a screwdriver. In case it looks damaged, we replace it with a new one and test the tank, the problem may be here.

Finally, the last case in which a tank can break is the rupture of the tank valve. Departure some water. To solve it we have to disassemble this valve by turning it completely, then remove the piston, we will find in the lower area of ​​the rubber pad which is the one that opens the way to the water from the tank. Loosen the nut that holds this shoe, remove the rubber and replace it with another one.

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