We go out into the street, we put on our jacket or our coat and when we pull up the zipper, oh no, the zipper has broken and as always when we are in a hurry. Now this will not be a problem anymore, because we will learn different ways of how to fix a broken zipper that will not go up or down.

How to fix a broken zipper that won’t go up or down

Who did not stay glued zipper When we set it up, it surely happened to you too. Sometimes because the fabric inside has been stuck, other times because the zipper teeth don’t match.

Today we are going to learn how to solve these annoying setbacks without having to leave our fingers in the attempt, but in a safe and fast way. Different ways of repair a broken zipper which neither goes up nor down.

How To Fix A Broken Zipper That Won’t Go Up Or Down | With graphite

Many times and especially when it comes to clothes that are already old or badly worn, it happens that when the zipper comes up, it gets stuck. If we want to solve this problem and what zipper from top to bottom without any problem, carefully follow the instructions below.

The best way to perform a zipper is coat it with graphite. When the zipper does not go up or down, just rub the zipper with graphite and this is found in pencil leads, especially number 2, which has a higher concentration of natural fat.

Simply pass the tip of the pencil through your teeth of the rack to lubricate the entire distance that the rack head must travel. You should impact more on teeth where the zipper is stuck.

Now you only have move the zipper head up and down until you notice that little by little it starts to move.

How To Fix A Broken Zipper That Won’t Go Up Or Down | With soap

At these times you may not have a pencil handy, so we will have to find a solution that will surely be easy for you to find: soap.

We can use any type of soap but it will always be better to use soap than what we use for washing clothes. For that:

-Use of cotton balls, we soak one in the liquid laundry soap then we immerse it in a dish with water, we thus manage to lower the soap so as not to leave stains on the fabric.

-With the impregnated ball, we wrap the teeth of the zipper, while we slide it up and down, along the entire length of the zipper.

-Now you just have to perform small movements with the zipper head until it starts to move, repeat this as many times as needed until it moves.

How To Fix A Broken Zipper That Won’t Go Up Or Down | With window cleaner

Another way to get a stuck zipper working normally again would be to use the same product we use to clean our windows, glass cleaner.

This option implies having to immerse the stuck part in this solution And it might not be that practical when it comes to a piece of clothing you already wear.

In a container, pour a small amount of glass cleaner, try dismantle as much as you can zip the fabric and immerse it in this solution. Once the zipper is well soaked, try moving it around.

As always, maybe the first time, the zipper doesn’t move or moves little. Don’t worry, repeat the process and see how you get it this time around.

How To Fix A Broken Zipper That Won’t Go Up Or Down | With lubricant

In many cases, attaching a zipper is simply a matter of lubricate the zipper. When the zippers have gone a long time tend to deform And that’s the main reason why they tend to get stuck, especially metal zippers.

At home we have many items of everyday use that can help us perform this function, among which we highlight:

  • Vaseline;
  • Candle wax;
  • Lipstick;
  • Soap bar;
  • Pencil;
  • Conditioner.

With one of these products, rub or apply a small amount on each side of the zipper, front and back. Try to fit each tooth covered with this lubricant home.

Always and as a precaution, apply small amounts, if necessary, you can apply more quantity. Be very careful with fabrics that are close to the zipper as most of these lubricants have fatty components which can stain and spoil clothes.

Now comes the moment of truth, let’s try to move the zipper. Gently try to open and close it. As always at the beginning it will not move, continue with the movements of the head and you will see how little by little it will give way.

How to fix a broken zipper that won’t go up or down due to pinching the fabric

Sometimes we go very fast, we put our coat on or we open our bag and when we go to close it, we can’t. The zipper does not move, we are in a hurry and fear the worst. The lining is pinched.

The first thing is keep calm and pay close attention to the front and back of the zipper until detect the piece of tissue that has been pinched.

With a lot of patience we will go gently pulling and by means of small tugs, the fabric to try to detach it. Start by pulling through the start of setting and so we gradually remove the stuck fabric.

To help us, we can gently pull on the fabric while we move the head of the zipperThis way we will save space for the fabric. In this process, stillness is a virtue because if we pull sharply we run the risk of breaking or tearing the fabric.

In rare cases this can be very difficult and the only solution is remove the zipperalthough as we just said there are rare occasions when the tissue cannot be released.

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