Surely it has happened to you sometime, that while doing a little goat, we dropped our mobile in a puddle, the river or other worse places. The problem comes when it seems that the mobile does not work, then the cold sweat enters us and we think about the cost of repair. Today we will learn how to fix a wet mobile that looks brokenHow to make it work again and save a ton of money.

How to fix a wet cell phone that looks broken

Holidays at sea, photos of the sunset, the wave is coming that you do not wait and your mobile ends up diving in marine waters. The mobile is drowning without us being able to do anything. This is an example of a situation that can perfectly well occur.

The important thing in these cases is how to react. If your mobile is wet and it also stopped working, don’t lose your calm or your despair, maybe have a solution and we can bring it back to life. There are different companies that guarantee in 98% of cases that we can bring our drowned cell phone back to life.

Now alright if the mobile has suffered a short circuitWe can tell you that you can start thinking about saying goodbye to him as only he deserves and think about acquiring another one. But as in this blog, we are talking about solutions, let’s go with the tips, most tips offered by different mobile manufacturers which we have now assembled to aid you in your mission to resurrect mobile.

Do not handle the flooded mobile

When the mobile falls into the water, once it has been turned off, do not try under any concept, Turn that on. If you try, you run the risk that the various internal components before an ignition attempt, short-circuited. You also don’t charge for the same reason.

The one that mobile in case it simply turns off It is a safety measure to avoid greater evils, and among them is the short circuit. A mobile that suffered a short circuit cannot be recovered. It is also not recommended to open the mobile, and even less if you do not know its operation or the components, you can only handle the battery.

The battery must be removed

This is probably the first idea that comes to mind, if so, you get it right. This is the most important step, because the mobiles They have a large number of connections and are all close to each other, so if the water manages to touch any two of these connections, a short can occur. So the recommendation is thprevent current from flowing inside the phone, if there is no battery, there will be no current and therefore no short circuit.

Once our mobile is off, open it then carefully remove the battery so as not to cause further internal damage. The problem is that the battery is not accessible to all devices, many smartphones, like iPhones, cannot be removed.

As a recommendation, remove the battery if you can, the SIM card and the phone sd card so that each and separately, can dry.

Dry with rice

Rice, This grain which is used for food has a property that we can use to our advantage. This cereal absorbs moisture, so it fills a bowl with rice and immerse the mobile, at least 24 hours, in the. Most likely, after 24 hours and provided there has been no corrosion, your mobile is working again.

Do not dry the mobile with a dryer

The dryer is not the best choice for dry the circuits of a wet mobile, because by blowing heat on both circuits, it can end up warm them up and finally spoil it.

Will not dry with paper and cloth

Pass a piece of paper or a rag dry the mobile is a good solution for dry outside But the problem lies inside and it cannot be solved with paper or rags.

Does not dry in the oven

On the web you can find ideas like putting a wet mobile in the oven. Never do this, if you put the mobile in the oven, the safest way is that it will eventually melt completely inside, in addition to endangering the kitchen and even the house. The oven is not the solution.

Beware of the submersible mobile

For some time they have become fashionable in the market, mobiles that withstand a dive in water or any other liquid, but don’t trust it at all. This type of mobile has a problem and they are the boxes who cover it, these they wear out, they crack and over time they lose their sealing property, allowing water to get inside.


If your mobile is still warranty period and got wet, forget why you will have lost all your rights.

Inside the mobile, there is a sticker small in size, this one changes color on contact with water, so any technician who analyzes your mobile will discover that it has been submerged and therefore will not fall under the product warranty.

On the other hand, there is a way to find out the degree of endurance or water resistance of your mobile, especially if it was sold to us as a submersible. It is a code which always begins with the letters IP, followed by two digits.

The first number indicates the level of dust resistance, while the second number indicates water resistance. If the second number is less than 7, your mobile can never get wet. If the number is greater than 7, the mobile can be submerged for a maximum of 1 m and only half an hour of time.

In that case, the mobile will be covered for the guarantee provided that the connectors are perfectly closed and that the water covering the mobile is fresh and potable water, never with sea water due to salinity.

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