It is always difficult to fix a zipper, because there is no known simple trick with which you can perform this action easily and quickly. One of the toughest jobs I have ever encountered, as a hobbyist fixing the little things around me, is repairing zippers.

In previous articles, we told you about 20 smart ideas for solving small problems at home. In this article, we will teach you the simple steps to follow to repair a zipper yourself, whether it is a jacket, a sweatshirt …

For normality, we tried assemble the two parts of the rows of teeth to try to put the “guide” of the zipper. This, 95% of the time, is a failed effort because it doesn’t completely solve the problem. We’ll start by explaining the parts of a zipper.

Parts that have a zipper

the ribbons they act as a fabric support on which the teeth are mounted, these must have the necessary width to allow them to attach to the garment and leave room to move the slider.

Is called chain, to the set of teeth which, when joined or separated, close or open the two parts of the zipper.

the medallion This is the part of the zipper that is used to pull the slider.

the the cursor It is the part which, when it slides on the chain, performs the function of the zipper to join the teeth, in addition to closing the two pieces of the garment. The material it is made from is usually an alloy of zinc, copper and aluminum. There are different types of cursors:

Whether automatic, it has a locking system coordinated with the medallion so that when it is pulled, the system unlocks. Free, has no blocking and in any position of the medallion, this cursor can be moved. Supermatic, in which the medallion has an appendage that is inserted between the teeth of the chain, in a horizontal position, acting as an automatic slider, when it is horizontal and free when the medallion moves from the horizontal position.

Bollards, mounted outside the chain, limiting its travel.

How to fix a zipper

These can be damaged because the cursor comes out of the two rows of teeth or at least one, following the widening of one or both conduits of this device.

For to fix this, we will place the cursor on the first teeth of both belts paying particular attention that the teeth match, because if that happens the zipper would be with the teeth out of balance. Then, using pliers, we will press on each of the “lobes” of the cursor to be able to close them a little. With this we have to be careful not to squeeze them too much, because we can produce a partition of the device and your zipper will be unusable.

Once we have done this surgeryAll that remains is to pull on the locket and watch or check that the zipper opens and closes properly.

A very easy way to solve the complicated problem of attaching a zipper.