how to freeze food tetra bricks

Today we will see one of the best ways we can use to freeze food, recycle letter briks, taking advantage of leftover food by organizing them efficiently in the freezer. An inexpensive method that will allow us to make the most of our food and freezer space.

We will need: Tetra briks, scissors, marker and tape, only necessary in case of liquids.

How to freeze food.

  1. With the scissors we cut the upper part of the brik and clean it thoroughly.

    There should be no trace of what was in the container. We dry it.

  2. We fill the box with the food we want to freeze.

  3. We cut the corners a few centimeters above the level of the food.

  4. We fold and close the box.

    We cut the excess if necessary.

  5. We seal with duct tape, only when necessary.

    If it is not liquid, in the case of soups or sauces, we will need the duct tape.

  6. Place the upper part that we cut out at the beginning as a cover to close the whole.

  7. With a marker we mark the date and the food to be frozen.

how to freeze food

Caution: NOTOr try thawing it in the microwave.