One of the big concerns everyone has about the walls of their house is the desire not to fill it with holes, but what options are there if not? Let’s see below a series of ideas or resources that will help you know How to hang on the wall without making holes, be it a painting, a photo, a mirror or any other item you want to hang on the wall.

hang without holes

How to hang on the wall without making holes?

When you open a house or have just painted the wall, it is painful to think of making a hole that will remain forever. Fortunately, being a general concern, we are finding more and more useful nail options and alternatives. Next, let’s see which are the best.

Double-sided adhesive tape

how to use double sided tape

One of the best options we have to avoid making holes in the walls when hanging anything is to use the double sided tape, with which you can hang anything you want on the wall without being afraid of holes. Yet when you read duct tape, you may doubt that it doesn’t really end up falling to the floor. Lucky for us there are a lot of double sided tape options on the market right now that are really tough and in fact we might have the problem later when we want to peel off the tape and see there’s a mark on it. the wall.

To avoid this type of problem, therefore, it is important to know how to use double-sided tape. The first thing to do is then clean the surface well where you will use the ribbon and the item you want to hang. It is important that it is free from grease, dust or any type of dirt.

Unfold one side of the tape and attach it to the roughest partEither the wall or the object. It is important to note that the best way to secure the object is to place vertical stripes, not horizontal, and to be more efficient, it is recommended to press each of the bands for 5 seconds before continuing.

Once it is already attached, all that remains is to remove the protective layer from the other side of the tape and repair the object where you want to hang it. Press the object for 5 seconds at all points of it so that it attaches precisely.

Adhesive hooks

Likewise, we also have the adhesive hooks, which can be a good option when, for example, you want to hang a hanger or we want to hang a mirror on the wall.

This type of hooks that you can find in different sizes and also with specific shapes to make them more or less decorative, they have a sticker or adhesive on their base.

This way it is really easy to stick them to the wall, to squeeze them and in this way we will have a hook so that, for example, you can hang the jackets at the entrance of the house, or the towels in the room as well as rags and rags in the kitchen.

How to avoid making hot silicone holes


Another option, we must be able to hang things on the wall, avoiding making holes, is to use silicone, but not the hot silicone that is usually used in small crafts, but the silicone that we usually use for DIY work.

Silicone is a very resistant glue, useful for its transparency and non-invasive for subsequent removal. In this way thThis is one of the best options when you want to hang a painting or a photo, or in fact anything that has some weight on the wall.

In this sense, what we need to do is have a silicone gun that must be heated before so that the silicone bar that we inserted from behind or from below (depending on the model), melts then when it is pressed, it comes out in liquid form.

In this way, you have to take the painting, frame or object you want to hang and place several drops of silicone on it.. Try to put a drop on each end.

then stick the object to the wall and press hard, wait a few seconds. In this way, you will get the silicone to stay attached to the wall and the object to hang without having to make a hole at all.

Velcro adhesive strips

A less popular option, but also known, is to use Velcro strips that can be stuck to the wall.

In the market, you can find adhesive tapes similar to the double-sided tapes we mentioned earlier.

This way the tape itself is adhesive on one side and Velcro on the other. Cut a piece of duct tape and stick it to the wall. So cut another part of the ribbon and glue it to the object you want to hang.

All you have to do is take and join the two bands at the front, that is to say by the velcro. Press lightly for several seconds and then you will see how the object will get stuck and it will be difficult for it to come off.

How to remove the stickers from the wall

How to avoid making holes with adhesive velcro

All of the remedies listed are a good solution if you don’t want to make a hole in the wall, but some of them may be prone to leave marks on the wall when we want to remove it.

To avoid staining the wall when removing a piece of silicone or the rest of double-sided tape, you can first try remove any leftovers with the tip of a utility knife or box cutter, then discard what is left.

In the event that it is a wood, where you hung things you can remove any remaining glue by first applying a little cleansing milk with a cotton ball. Leave it on for about five minutes, then remove it with your fingers. Thanks to the milk tour, you will see how very easy it is to remove the duct tape or any other sticky remedy.