How to have a fig tree by cutting

One of the easiest methods to have new plants that root really well is by cuttings, that is, we can take a branch or a shoot of a plant and, by means of a good technique, we can get this branch to take new roots and so we can plant it and have a new plant.

As all of us who love plants love to experiment, today we are going to see how we can make a fig tree from a branch that we can take from a tree or that a neighbor or a friend has given us.

The system we see in the video has the advantage of being able to be done all year round, although it is always advisable to take advantage of pruning a tree to take the branch, but it is so simple that ‘at the end, you will surely be encouraged to try it.

How to have a fig tree to cut

We have to take into account two things, one that the branch is semi-woody i.e. the branch should not be of the same year, the other important thing is to disinfect the bark of the fig tree well before starting the whole process, because they affect it a lot of fungi.

How to have a fig tree to cut

I leave you with the video as there really isn’t much left to explain, I hope you like it and are encouraged to reproduce your fig trees by cutting.