How to have a small garden in a window

You always wanted to have an urban orchard or garden in your home, growing your own food is something that has always appealed to you, having flowers in your house makes your day brighter, but you live in a small apartment without a terrace and you do not find a solution for this lack of adequate space for your orchard or garden. Look no further, today you have found the perfect solution, you are going to install your garden in a window of your house.

Orchards in the windows

Vertical garden for windows 1

Urban gardens require a lot of dedication and space, which makes it very difficult to achieve them in small places without natural light and ventilation, such as apartments without a terrace. But the designers Nicolás Barreau and Jules Charbonnet solved the problem in a very simple and practical way.

Vertical garden for windows 2

It is a system of installation of glazed gardens, tilting with the sun and specially designed to facilitate cultivation and harvesting. Can you imagine this in your kitchen?

Vertical Garden for Windows 4

Vertical Garden for Windows 3

You still can’t find it on the market, but the designers have released this video with their design so that you can do it yourself. See below!


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