How to improve your wifi signal with aluminum cans

Beer cans or any soda can. What we need a circular aluminum container cheap, with which we will improve the Wifi signal of our router. The cheapest, fastest and easiest way. Very useful for very large two-story houses. With this trick we can amplify the signal.

In addition to the aluminum cans, all you will need is scissors, a knife, and a bit of double-sided tape.

How to increase the WIFI signal with recycled cans.

The first fundamental step is to clean the beer cans, let them dry, and cut the bottom and top of the cans as you see in the picture. In less than 5 minutes, you will have your first “beer antenna”. Do whatever you need, some of you will need two, some will need three, it depends on how many antennas your router has.

With double-sided adhesive tape, we fix the boxes to the antennas. As you can see, it’s not the most precious thing in the world, but in this case the end justifies the means 😉

If you are wondering if it works, it looks perfect. here are the tests made by one of our friends.

If the invention does not convince you, here is a video with several recommendations with which you will improve the signal of your router: