For better or for worse, Spain is a country with a Mediterranean climate, which means enviable weather but also bugs for much of the year. Fortunately, we have more and more resources to control them. In this case, we tell you how to install a mosquito net in your home

Install a screen terrace

Knowledge that won’t cost you sweat or tears, but will save you blood. The one that mosquitoes suck at you every year. If you want to make sure, take a look at Top 10 Homemade Mosquito and Fly Traps. Your house will be a strong insect repellent.

How to install a mosquito net

Many believe that learning how to install a mosquito net it is a complicated and expensive process. Nothing is further from reality. In addition, most manufacturers sell mosquito nets with marked, easy-to-apply instructions. Of course, the difficult step is to adjust the size of said mosquito net with the window in which it is desired to be installed.

Install mosquito net pvc windows

For this reason, it is important to take the measurements space and mosquito net, to prevent it from falling as soon as you put it on. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them at the store or department store where you purchase them. Don’t feel bad about it, the 95% who buy them, the same thing happens. The other 5% is not that I know of how to install a mosquito netis that you pay for its installation.

What type of mosquito net to install

Once the decision is made, there is another choice to make: what type of mosquito net to install. Although many people don’t know it, there is a wide variety of mosquito nets, as there is a wide variety of windows. It seems logical. Without going any further, it is not the same thing to put a mosquito net on a balcony, on a door or on a window. However, these are the types of mosquito nets available:

Install a sun screen

  • Fixed mosquito net – It is one of the most common in windows, doors and balconies. The reason is the flexibility of its installation, since these screens do not obstruct the total opening of the chosen space.
  • Extendable mosquito net – If in the space where we are going to place the mosquito net there is a box with an awning, common even in 2018, it is time to put an extendable mosquito net. And it is that this type of mosquito net allows a partial opening of it, because it is impossible to do it completely.
  • Roll-up mosquito nets – The most used, for obvious reasons. For starters, it can be installed both horizontally and vertically. In addition, when rolled up, it takes up very little space. And to top it off, they are very easy to use. Of course, there is a huge variety, be careful not to confuse the size or the model.
  • Mosquito net curtain – The curtain mosquito net can be opened completely, as its name suggests.
  • Sliding mosquito net – If the area where we are going to install it has a rail, it can be used to put the mosquito net. This will allow it to be moved horizontally, yes the opening will never be complete.
  • Folding mosquito net – Not only does it open completely, but it can be removed if necessary.
  • Mosquito net for sailboat – You don’t know if the mosquito net will fit in? Buy a sailboat and cut it to your liking. Increasingly on the rise due to its versatility, it has an adhesive area that greatly facilitates installation. The fastest and easiest to assemble.

How to install a mosquito net step by step

Once we know what we want, it’s time to learn how to install the mosquito net step by step. Breathe, relax and read the steps one by one. It will be the best summer of your life, the first without mosquitoes. It will be worth the installation and you will see that it is not that complicated.

Take measurements

Logically, it is assumed that you have already taken them before purchasing the mosquito net, but this should be redone. Especially if it’s a sailboat mosquito net that needs to be cut. Measure the length and width and compare with the area where you want to install it.

Install a mosquito net

Clean the area

The mosquito net will come out of the window, so it is convenient to have a clean and unobstructed area. Remove pots, ornaments and other items you may have, to work with space and tranquility.

Repair the mosquito net

Mosquito nets usually come with some sort of attachment from the factory. Otherwise, you decide how you want to do it. From drill to adhesive to silicone. Any option is valid, as long as it maintains the weight of the assembly. If the mosquito net has a lower attachment, so much the better. He will be more fixed and dance less when he is lying down.

Install a screen window

And you have already installed your mosquito net. The usual thing is that manufacturer’s instruction They’re IKEA type, simple as they are. Better to follow them, because each model is a world.

Tips for installing a mosquito net

Before we close, we want to give you some tips for installing a mosquito net. They may seem logical, but not everyone is aware of them. Plus, good advice never hurts, let alone installing a mosquito net in summer.

  • If you have a choice, buy the mosquito net in one Specialized DIY store or household items. It will cost you a little more than a multi-price but you will have more quality, advice and all kinds of facilities if you want to return it.
  • If the mosquito net you are going to install this summer is temporary, do not hesitate, with adhesive. If it’s for the medium / long term, something more fixed is better. The adhesive, after a reasonable time, eventually falls off.
  • The advice: if you have one gauge, use it to fix the bottom. This will give the mosquito net weight so that it does not go up, and will help to tighten it, avoiding that there are holes that mosquitoes can slip through.
  • If you don’t know which mosquito net to put on, ask the store specialists. They are great advisers and that is their job. Have no problem asking, no one is born a scientist.

Install a dirty mosquito net

Tips for installing a roll-up mosquito net

Despite many models, the reality is that roller screens are the most popular. For this reason, we give you some step by step advice for installing a roll-up mosquito net. And it is that, although it is a simple process, all the help you can get is small.

  • Location – We must be very clear on where we are going to install the mosquito net, if it does not go on all the windows. For starters, it is convenient to avoid doors, unless we do not use it often, because it is very uncomfortable. As for the window, we have to decide whether to place it between the window and the blind or, directly, behind the blind. It is important because of the thickness of the head
    • Mosquito net between window and blind – If you choose to place the mosquito net between the blind and the window, you must measure the thickness of the egg, as well as its height. The gap must exceed 46 millimeters to be viable, as there will be room to place all four heads. However, the installation could be done from 33 cm.
    • Mosquito net behind the awning – In this case, it will also depend on whether or not there is space behind the window. Thus, having more than 46 millimeters, there will be no problem to place the four heads. However, from 33 cm we can also do the installation.

  • Heads – When installing it is important to have the height of the window. Depending on this, these will be the heads that we will need for the mosquito net. However, the maximum width that the head will always have will be 1800 millimeters. If we need more space we will have to use a split mosquito net to double the width to 3600mm.
    • 33 mm head for a height of 1400 mm
    • 35 mm head for a height of 1800 mm
    • 45 mm head for a height of 2400 mm
    • 46 mm head for a height of 2600 mm
  • Head tightening – When installing a mosquito net, as we have mentioned, several options are available to us. From now on, it will always be recommended to screw the heads to the wall at both ends. However, we may not be able to do this, so we will use ceiling mounting clips. These are screwed to the ceiling and there we put the head by pressing.

  • Advantages with fixed bottom – If we have a window with a fixed lower area, we will have to resort to side guides that we will fix in the opposite direction to the usual, that is, between the window separation and the fixed lower part. In this unusual but effective way, we will be able to close tightly without having to resort to the complete lowering of the mosquito net when we want to close it.

Video explaining how to install a roll-up insect screen

As much as we explain, the reality is that seeing things is much more didactic. So we leave you a video of the installation of a roll-up mosquito net step by step. However, and as we have already commented before, if you have any doubts, questions or problems, do not hesitate to ask your salesperson, as he is a specialist in the field and will be able to help you without any problem.

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