In a previous article we have already seen how to keep the heat inside the house during the winter and now we want to tell you how to install a type of stove that seems to have become a trend and for which you might want buy heat your house this fall winter. Below in DIY 10, How to install pellet stoves.

how to install pellet stoves

These stoves are at the cutting edge of technology and can come in different forms. You can also see them in the Bauhaus Catalog February 2018.

Pellet stove

the pellet stoves It is a type of stove that seems to have become fashionable. Its main feature is that for its operation we must burn Granules and that it is a completely natural product, classified as solid biomass, in the form of very small cylinders, a few millimeters that burn and emit heat as if it were, for example, wood from the fireplaces.

The heat it emits can be redirected and reach heat the whole house, but for this it needs good ventilation. Being a type of stove that consumes biofuel, you need it and therefore it is important that when buying it we take into account the installation.

what is a pellet stove

To do this, we can always count on a professional, who knows how to install it, such as the staff of the same warehouse where you buy it or you can follow the instructions on how to install the pellet stoves.

Benefits of a pellet stove

Not only because it is very elegant and has become a trend among many, but because it really has spectacular benefits.

  • Easy installation
  • Doesn’t require a lot of energy
  • It has no traces of dust, dirt, paper or metal like other fuels.

How to install a pellet stove

It is not that a complete job has to be done, but it is true that it must be calculated to the millimeter, more than anything, because the biofuel emits gases that are uncomfortable to live with.

How to install a pellet stove: location

We need it to be placed in an open area where other rooms can communicate when the doors are open. We will try not to place anything one or two meters from the ventilation outlet of the pellet stove, like a piece of furniture or a wall.

pellet stove

The stove will continue to heat, but when it bounces off that cabinet or wall, it may take longer to heat up. Don’t worry if there are any wooden objects on the sides, they won’t burn, although it is true that damage can appear unless it is treated to endure high temperatures.

How to install a pellet stove: electrical outlet

It needs electricity to start, as long as you have no other way get energy which are alternative and compatible.

It is not necessary to look for a specific type of outlet, because a 220V outlet is more than sufficient. As you will see, does not need a lot of power, so it will consume little.

How to install a pellet stove: gas outlet

The first thing that we must take into account when installing our pellet stove is that it must have a smoke outlet, because the pellet combustion They make it a modern style fireplace and it will have the same smoke that it generates, although in the case of pellets it will be practically invisible to the human eye, as it is a very clear, low density smoke. . For this reason, it is necessary to know the installation, because the smoke, not being very visible, if it leaks, it is responsible for toxic substances for humans and we must know how to install it correctly, to avoid any contamination, inside our house.

We must have a 8 centimeter hose in diameter that goes from the stove to the outside, along the shortest possible path. We must exclude that the horizontal section does not exceed three meters in length, but vertically and diagonally there are no problems.

In this installation there must be a purge system which is the “T”, which will regulate moisture condensation and prevent vermin and dust from entering the stove and through the pipe. With that save T, you can have clean heat. In addition, we need the last section to be vertical, 1.5-2 meters high, so that it connects with the outside and is propelled. In addition, at the top of the tube through which the smoke comes out, there must be a rain screen and a wind screen.

On the other hand, if we do not have a pre-installed flue gas exhaust duct and we cannot open a path through the ceiling, the solution will be to place the stove next to the exterior wall, to connect it to the T and at vertical duct, which will go up inside the room, to the exit hole which will go through the wall and which must be located as close as possible to the ceiling.

How to install a pellet stove: reloading

To refill the pellets, wherever you see them, these little cylinders that look like cork, it seems like you will have to pour continuously, to keep the house warm, but it’s not like that. With a full charge, it may need to be recharged once a week. Of course, it should be borne in mind that the loads are not light, although they do not take up much space, as they can weigh around 15 kilograms, so try to have it on hand or take the opportunity to do biceps.

Thelin pellet stove

Also try to save them out of the reach of children and animalsIts shape is quite curious, it looks like pet food and tries to keep it in a dry place without any humidity, otherwise it swells and when it burns it takes longer to act and emits more gas.

How to install a pellet stove: conservation

To remember clean ashes regularly. Although pellets are small and do not produce as much dirt as other fuels, like charcoal or wood, their use, as it cannot be otherwise, leaves its mark in the form of ash. The build-up of ash can reduce performance of your stove or even seriously damage its mechanism, so we recommend that you remove the ashes regularly. For example, doing this once a week will ensure that the operation of your stove will not be affected by accumulated residue.

pellet stove easy installation

It is also strongly recommended that a general cleaning of all the pipes of the stove at least once a year, to remove any residue that may have accumulated in other parts of the stove and that may harm your performance and the air you breathe in your home.

How to install a pellet stove: safety

As we saw above, nothing happens if there is wood nearby, as it will not burn, but if there is glass, you have to keep in mind that it reaches very high temperatures.

Furniture, unless they have been treated withstand high temperatures, could degrade or be affected. In addition, it will be necessary to remove all kinds of fabrics and rags.

pellet stove in the living room

To avoid risks, because of the temperature that it can reach, it is preferable to have a barrier, to avoid collisions or friction, especially in the case of children.

And as a final tip, make sure the pellet stove, not directly in the field. It is a good idea to put an insulating material then a wooden material, and not a rag, to keep the stove off the ground and thus not suffer damage.

You already know how the pellet stoves and the care we need to take if at some point we want to try to heat our house with this type of biofuel.