Bed bugs are a type of pest that is usually found in somewhat complex areas such as mattresses and the bed in the home. They appear from moment to moment. It’s really unknown why they stay there, but there’s a lot of talk about humidity. Bed bugs are very common in hotels and are a type of plague that spreads, which is why they can be found from place to place since they generate eggs that move around. Let’s see how you can kill bed bugs without chemicals.

vacuum mattress

Kill bed bugs without chemicals

One of the options to kill bedbugs without chemical products involves placing steam in the affected area. It is done in a very specific way. This can be for example with an electric kettle that is transformed into a steam machine by adding a type of flexible tube or even with a humidifier. The idea is to get the steam through the area by spraying carefully, as this will make all the nooks and crannies finally clear.

Another widely used method in this aspect of killing bed bugs without chemicals is the ability to vacuum the house. When you vacuum the house, what happens is that all the eggs that mattress, carpet or similar. When vacuuming, pay attention to all edges, paying special attention to the wall and each edge. The best thing is that once the area is vacuumed what is done is to remove the bag and everything in it, otherwise it could infect other areas which are not good for it.

Kill bed bugs with plaster

Although it sounds strange, another way to kill bed bugs naturally without any chemicals is plaster. For this, plaster should be used in order to cover all the cracks that exist in the house. If you also have some sort of peeled wallpaper, the best thing is that you paste it again so that there is no type of option for this bane to appear right side up.

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Kill bed bugs without chemicals with silica gel

the Silica gel it is a natural gel, which can be applied almost anywhere. The ideal is to be able to put a little of this gel in the affected places such as the edges of the mattress or others. What we do with it is to place a thin layer of silica which will make them die little by little.

Another natural way to do this is to use diatomaceous earth, which will also cause bedbugs to dehydrate in bed or on furniture.

Tea tree oil to kill bedbugs

the tea tree oil it is perfect for cleaning the whole house and affected areas. You can also clean clothes by adding a few drops of tea tree oil even with a spray to make it much easier to apply.