The lacquered furniture They may be part of the current fad when it comes to decorating homes, so if you have furniture that you want to ‘renew’ instead of buying new ones, you always have the option to. lacquer yourself something we want to explain below step by step and for your furniture to be fashionable.

What is lacquered furniture


Lacquering is a different application of paint which is distinguished, in general, by a higher gloss on the surface. Enamels are usually used in place of the usual wall paint.
he final result for any lacquered furniture, for example a table, a shelf or a lacquered door, be much more eye-catching than just sanding and painting them in a color other than lacquered. Also, as I mentioned before, it saves us money and makes our old furniture completely new. Although they are trendy and you will surely have seen how lacquerware is a bit more expensive furniture, it must be said that it does not cost so much to take the furniture you have in your home and apply the treatments we explain below to make them look lacquered and look like New. You just need to follow all these steps carefully and above all to have the time to be able to do it carefully and without haste.

Classic materials for lacquering furniture

Among the most important types of materials in order to be able to lacquer furniture, there are materials such as:

  • White spirit / solvent
  • Grit sandpaper
  • Tissue
  • Foam roller
  • Bucket
  • Patina
  • Masking tape
  • Enamel – synthetic or acrylic lacquer (e.g. Tintanlak from Titanlux)

All of these materials can be easily obtained at a hardware store or DIY store as they are a classic in repair materials.

How to lacquer furniture step by step

In order to start lacquering any type of furniture, we must start by purchasing the materials necessary for this and you will therefore need buy several enamels which are the ones that will allow you to obtain that shiny effect that the lacquer provides. In addition you will need sandpaper first sand the furniture, a Brush it is not very thick, a short nap roller, and a tray to be able to paint.

lacquer furniture

The first thing we need to do is remove anything that can disturb us from the furniture like any handles or knobs you might have. From there, you need to place the masking tape where we don’t want to get smudged, such as the edges or anything nearby that might get stained by the items we’re going to be using. If the cabinet has some kind of a hole, it is also necessary to place a plaster in the area so that the lacquer of the cabinet is as optimal and uniform as possible.

Before the lacquering process through the enamels, it will be necessary to sand the furniture to be treated. Of course, you can do it by hand although it is better if you can use an electric sander with which we will go faster and the result will be much better. Sandpaper can be used for areas that the sander has not reached. Once we’ve sanded all the furniture, it’s time to give a primer, and so that we can start preparing the furniture for subsequent lacquering.

After letting it dry (we can choose to paint and wait until the next day to continue) then we will have to sand with the fine sandpaper so that in this way the paint does not skip or we take out much. We can then give the first coat of lacquer and don’t worry if not everything is covered since we can apply more coats of enamel. It is good that the enamel is placed in a bucket and that we put a little white spirit. To be able to apply this enamel, it is better to use the trowel, if it has not been used before, it is better to clean it well beforehand with soap and water. Enamel must be applied with care and in each of the specific places of the furniture. Pay attention to places like frames or handles.

When applying lacquer enamel, it is important to use a new or clean brush andxstretch the brush always on the same side along the piece of wood; DO NOT go back and forth, like moving the brush from side to side.

The enamel should be allowed to dry for at least 8 hours to gain consistency. Consider the time what the manufacturer tells you on the packaging, but of that number of hours add about two or three more hours as this is the time it can be touched and there will be no no stains but it takes longer to really keep working with it.

At this point you should go back to the sand. The sandpaper is good to do it in a circular way so that it is more uniform and allows to eliminate the surplus that exists there. We return to hairspray after the enamel has dried and all the furniture is even and ready for its final coat.
When the furniture is finished, you need to put a little wax and polish on it.
The truth is that making a lacquer for furniture is not something impossible and it will be a question of following the steps well and especially of practicing little by little.

Tips for a good hairspray

Lacquer is always a type of varnish so that we can give as many layers as we want Although yes, before each of them it is advisable to let the one we have applied dry and to sand the surface well each time we are going to paint. The fact of having sand every time we are going to apply the enamel It will be something quite bulky, but the truth is that it is necessary because sometimes it will be realized that maybe we have applied too much enamel or paint and it has been crumpled. With a fine sandpaper, we will obtain that the entire surface is smooth and uniform.

Other general rules for lacquering furniture

In addition to the steps that we have suggested for you to be able to lacquer a piece of furniture correctly, we can also list some general rules that are always important to keep in mind.

  • Although it is not mandatory, it can still be good have a good spray gun; you can get them pretty cheap and don’t underestimate the power of a good spray gun.
  • The compression It should be rated 4CFM and 100 PSI to ensure you get a good finish on the wood you wish to work with.
  • Consider the weatherNote: Lacquering can be affected both by humidity and if it is very hot, so it is best to proceed when the temperature is neither too low nor too high.
  • Also avoid on days when there are a lot of insects around: they like hairspray.
  • Avoid dust at all costs, because if it falls on the furniture while we are lacquering it, it is possible that it remains stuck to us in the form of spots or spots, which we will not like at all.
  • Avoid direct sunlight– This causes the hairspray to blister, creating an unsightly piece of wood.
  • Avoid putting oils and silicones on the wood; wash your hands well and often; Make sure your sandpaper or steel wool does not contain any additional elements.
  • Ventilation: Also make sure that the area where you are going to lacquer the furniture is well ventilated so that it dries properly.

Mistakes to avoid when painting furniture

lacquered table
The furniture lacquering process is the one we described above, and skipping a step only serves to ensure that the final lacquer result is not optimal. Here are some of the top mistakes to avoid.

In the first place, make sure you have all the necessary materials to complete the whole process. To lacquer wooden furniture, not only is enamel necessary, but you will also have to perform other previous processes for which you will need to use a specific material. Likewise, another typical mistake when lacquering wooden furniture is to use a painting utensil that is not according to the size of the furniture, with one that is too large you will not be able to pay attention. details, while with one that is too small the result will not be uniform.

Another of the most common mistakes that have the most impact on the end result is forget to sand the surface in question before painting it. The sanding phase is essential because it avoids the roughness and imperfections of the wood before applying the enamel, because in this case all the imperfections would be much more visible. It should be noted that the sanding process should be performed several times, once before applying the sealer base and again after setting the sealer base.

lacquered furniture

Continuing with the previous point, you must not forget to apply the sealer base, because it is essential to eliminate imperfections and irregularities and thus to avoid parts of the wood which absorb more paint than others.

Another of the most important stages of lacquering is the part where the enamel is applied. Apply the paint from bottom to top, always in the same direction and evenly distributing the enamel on the furniture. Normally, it is recommended to give two coats of enamel, so that the furniture is painted correctly but without over-saturation of the enamel. In any case, remember that it is always essential to sand between coats. One of the most common mistakes is apply paint incorrectly, paint in different directions or load a lot more enamel in some areas of the furniture than in others.

Video showing how to lacquer furniture

In this video you can see step by step how to apply a perfect lacquer to your furniture.

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