How to light a fire with a lemon

Using a lemon as a base, in addition to a few other common and easily accessible materials, we can turn a lemon into a battery that, for example, can be used to make fire.

Today we bring you a video tutorial from the NorthSurvival YouTube channel, where they will teach us how to start a fire using a lemon as a building block, the uses of which we are already losing count of.

How to light a fire with a lemon.

Few materials and simple work with which you can join only two cables to easily start a fire.

Materials needed.

  • To start, you need a lemon.
  • You will also need 6 copper pliers and 6 zinc nails.
  • Cable also conductive.
  • Also steel wool and paper.


The system is easy to assemble, we nailed the copper clips in a row in parallel with the zinc nails, two parallel rows of 6. Then we use the cable to join the nails and the clips as seen in the video. We should have a free nail and clip. The positive and the negative of the circuit.

Lemon Drums

Step by step.

It will only take you a few minutes to do this job, follow our instructions and you will see how easy it is.

  1. First with your hand, squeeze the lemon to peel off its skin and thus be able to nail the materials.

  2. Then start nailing the copper clips along the lemon until all six are in place.

  3. Now proceed to nailing a zinc nail next to each clip, you must then leave a separator finger between them.

  4. Then put the steel wire, for them you need to leave the first clip free and wind it on the first zinc nail.

  5. Then cross the wire by winding it around the second nail.

    From there the wire passes to the 2nd clip. Bring it to the 3rd nail, then take it to the fourth clip and cross it to the fifth nail. This until the last clip is free.

  6. In the next step, make sure that the first nail and the last clip are free.

  7. You will now run a piece of conductive wire over the free nail.

  8. Then place another piece of yarn in the clip which is also free.

How to test if it turns on

To find out if the experiment really kindles the fire, you need to do the following.

  • First decide where you want to start the fire.
  • Once the location is chosen, place the steel wool.
  • Then on this place pieces of paper.
  • Now place the lemon in front of it and join the threads by gluing them to the pieces of paper.

You will see how the paper ignites and begins to enlarge the fire by igniting the papers and wool.

Take the necessary precautions because fire is dangerous. Pay particular attention to the little ones in the house, always experiment with an adult.

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