Are you tired of seeing the same color of the walls? White, beige … It may be wallpaper but it no longer inspires you with joy? By age, because it has become yellowish, because it is from the 80s … the solution, learn to line a wall and this is what we explain below in DIY 10, step by step .


This way you can give your personal touch on the walls and thus make your home a more cheerful and appropriate place.

Materials for lining a wall

In order to be able to line a wall, you need a series of materials that will help you much lighter task. We need:

  • Brush soft bristles. If you don’t have it on hand, you can clean the mop head and use it.
  • Wallpaper paste
  • Brush apply glue
  • Cutter
  • Rule
  • Wallpaper, the design you like the most.

How to line a wall

It’s time to get let’s go. Discover step by step how to line a wall. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds and promises to be fun. We have started.

How to line a wall: prepare the wall

how-wallpaper-a-wall-fill-the cracks

This means that there can be no cracks, cracks, scraps of old paper, let alone moisture or it will eventually turn black and it will be a danger of bacteria in the house, for all family members.

Lightly dampen the wall and using a plastic spatula you can remove the remains. Cover the cracks with putty and wait long enough for it to dry. When it is dry, you need to spray on the wall, especially on the corners, anti fungus, to avoid the appearance of mold, when there is more humidity.

If it’s in addition to a wall that is painted, you will need to add a coat of primer before hanging wallpaperDepending on the color of the paper you are inserting, the color of the wall may stand out below.

If the walls are already papered, you need to remove all the pasted paper. Make sure that you have removed all the paper without leaving any scraps or pieces stuck together, because this way you will be sure that the one you are going to place again is smooth and bubble-free or stays underneath.

How to line a wall: take action


It is important to know how much paper is needed to properly line the wall. If you take the horizontal and vertical measurements of the wall, you can go to the store and they will advise you which measurement you should buy, but you can also go with clear ideas if you do the math we are explaining now and what ‘in fact it will be used so that from now on you will know what measure of paper you can buy on each occasion, and for each wall.

In a notebook, you should write down the width of each wall section. if you have two walls 5m wide x 3m high and two walls 4m wide x 3m high. The annotations and the calculation would be:

  • 5 × 3 = 15, 5 × 3 = 15, 4 × 3 = 12, 4 × 3 = 12, 15 + 15 + 12 + 12 = 54 square meters

Now you know what you need so that you can have the necessary paper with the wallpaper on the wall, but you also need to have a little excess, so that you can fix a defect, or you need pieces of paper to cover certain areas such as holes in the corners or an uneven roof.

How to line a wall: apply glue


We make the preparation of the glue and with the water of a brush we spread it, on the back of the paper that we are going to place. Apply glue Upside down, and do emphasis on corners.

How to line a wall: place the paper


With the help of someone, you climb the ladder and reach the top. Your partner should take the paper from the top end and hand it to you. Carefully glue the edges to the top of the wall, a few inches apart. From there, little by little, glue it, until it reaches the bottom.

If he the design is stamped, be sure to match the edges, do not break the structure of the drawing.

Also start hanging wallpaper in a simple area and leave the complicated for last. In fact, it’s best if you choose an area of ​​the wall where you can stick a full piece of wallpaper or two before you start to line the corners or areas with obstacles.

How to line a wall: bubbles


To prevent the paper from swelling, we will go, passing the brush over the paper, already glued, getting the air out. Using the ruler you glue it to the wall frame and with the cutter remove the rest.

How to line a wall: ceiling


On the other hand, you must take into account the ceiling. You may have measured the distance from the bottom to the ceiling to determine the length of the sheet of paper. But what happens when we find out of level caps?

You can’t hang wallpaper in a straight lay pattern because it won’t really fit that way. You better paper vertically instead, as if you placed a special sheet to cover this area, so that you can record the irregularities and thus not be so noticeable.

How to line a wall: drying

how to wallpaper a wall

Let dry Natural way, however long it takes or the paper, it might get damaged if you try to dry it with stoves or fans. According to the type of Wallpaper you use, it will take more or less. Choose the one you prefer.

You already have the basics to discover how to line a wall and not end up in a piece of wallpaper. It will be a DIY activity quite fun, creative and straightforward. You won’t have to eat the coconut trying to follow the directions, because with these tips you have almost all the work done and surely for the next few times you won’t hesitate for a moment.

Enjoy the new cool wallpaper in your home.

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