Bags with software folders

We all love to wear original and eye-catching accessories, nothing is more original than something you made yourself. In addition to being a unique piece, you will have the satisfaction of using your own creations.

Bag made with a backrest.

Learn with this step by step how to make an easy and practical bag. A great idea for those casual outings.

Materials needed.

There is no excuse to stop making this bag, the materials are very easy to obtain.

  • To get started, you need a small ring binder.
  • Also some pliers, awl and hammer.
  • Also decorative tape of your choice.
  • The scissors.
  • Also a piece of soft cardboard.
  • A tip top brooch and a rivet
  • Finally an adhesive spray.


Cut, fold and decorate with the ribbon It’s very quick and easy to do just follow our instructions.

  1. The first thing to do is to remove the rings from the folder.

  2. Then decorate the folder with the ribbon inside.

  3. Next, to make the cover you need the piece of cardboard.

    Then you need to use a pattern to give it a rounded shape.

  4. Then cut the ends.

  5. The next step is to choose where you want to stick the cover.

    Mark the cardboard with a pen to know which part to decorate with the ribbon.

  6. Once you have decorated the lid, cut off the rounded ends again.

  7. Then, using the spray adhesive, glue the cover to the backrest.

  8. Then turn the file over and decorate the other side.

  9. Now cut the sides.

  10. Cut out, make the folds and decorate with the ribbon.

  11. Place a piece of paper over the mold to protect it, then apply adhesive spray to the lashes.

  12. The next step is to press the sides together so that they stick together well.

  13. Then strengthen the lashes with duct tape.

  14. Finally, place the tip top pin with the rivet.

It’s as easy as you will get a very original bag, made from a folder.