Homemade bench with wooden blocks and slats

Amazing design, simple and ingenious. In this article, you will learn how to easily and simply make a garden bench for your garden, within the reach of any “handyman”, with a minimum investment.

How to make a bench with wooden slats and concrete blocks


  • 12 concrete blocks (6 on each side).
  • 4 wooden slats.
  • Adhesive for blocks.
  • Cushions
  • Paint for concrete blocks.
  • Wood stain.

How do we do this.

Before you start a trick, make sure the ground you are going to be working on is level. We start:

  1. Start with one of the sides. Place 4 concrete blocks vertically and on the two upper blocks horizontally.

    Leave about 2-3 yards, depending on the length of the wooden slats, relative to the other row of blocks.

  2. Pass the wooden slats from side to side.

    Make sure they protrude at least six inches on each side to ensure the stability of the bench.

  3. Once you are happy with the location and size of the bench, temporarily remove the wooden beams.

    Use the adhesive to glue the blocks.

  4. Once the structure has gained consistency, the wooden beams are put back through the upper holes of the blocks.

  5. Finally, we paint the blocks to give them some color.

  6. You can finish it and give it a quality touch, by placing cushions on your new bench.

Via Concrete block bench / DIY outdoor seating / kaylasbasement.blogspot.ca

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