How to make a tetrabrick powered boat

A simple and fun project to do with the little ones in the house. You can build your own self-propelled boat using a tetrabrick as the base structure.

Boat with tetrabrick 3

Materials needed

You will need other supplies such as glue, a straw, a wooden stick, duct tape, an electric motor, and scissors. You can reuse whatever material you find. The electric motor is found in any other toy that is no longer in use. The important thing is always to use as much recycled material as possible.

  • 1 tetrabrik container
  • You will also need a small fan motor.
  • Plus a straw and a thin wooden stick.
  • Paintings in the color of your choice.
  • Finally, white glue, masking tape, scissors and a marker.
Boat with tetrabrick 2


  • First cut the tetrabrik container in half, keep the lid.
  • Then take the part where the lid was left and cut a 6cm piece from the bottom of the container.
  • After cutting, make sure it fits into the other half of the container, which will be the base of the boat.
  • Then cut two circles on the sides and a box at the end of this room as windows.
  • Cut the rest of the tetrabric where you took this part, making a slope.
  • Then secure this piece to the part that will be the base of the boat with duct tape.
  • Then, with the wooden stick, drill a hole in the front of the boat base.
  • Then remove the propeller from the fan and glue it to the base of the boat. The tip should face the hole you cut.
  • Also, measure the wooden stick at 10 cm and cut it.
  • Also measure the straw and cut it to 8 cm.
  • Also remove the lid from the container and cut off the edge.
  • Then draw on what was left, a propeller with the marker.
  • Then cut to make the propeller and bend its tips a little.
  • Insert the straw into the hole in the base.
  • Then insert the stick with the propeller attached inside
  • Also secure the excess stick to the end of the fan with tape.
  • Paint the boat in the colors of your choice.
Boat with tetrabrick 1

In the video, you can find a complete tutorial that will take you step by step through this project:

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