You can do a good bouquet of fresh flowers for valentine’s day 2021 if you follow the step by step that we will give you next.


In a previous article we already told you how to make cards for Valentine’s Day 2021 and this time we want to help you surprise your partner with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and, better yet, make them fresh flowers.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021

Make a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day it’s not as complicated as you might think a priori. Although many of us bet on buying them from a flower shop, the truth is that when a time comes like Valentine’s Day, flower prices tend to go up.

In times of crisis, it may be better to bet on buy some flowers and make our own bouquet Valentine’s day. This way we can let’s save money and also, that the bouquet is more varied.


To make the bouquet that we are explaining to you now, you can choose different types of flowers, although being one for Valentine’s Day, nothing better than to make one that has, among other things, the romantic roses.

First, we’ll see how to make a good bouquet of fresh flowers for valentine’s day step by step, then we will give you other options to make you feel inspired when making the bouquets. You may like other types of shades or other types of flowers, these flowers may seem overpriced or you just cannot find them at the florists because they are finished.

For this reason, we will see some alternatives to the first bouquet offered, but remember to follow the same pattern to make the other bouquets, because this is how the most beautiful bouquets of flowers are usually prepared. surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day.

We go there with all our ideas and step by step, very useful for developing any bouquet, I’m telling you already. Also, you can always make any suggestions or comments on which flowers you would include or how, maybe you have a tip to make these bouquets even more spectacular.

How to make a pretty bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Step by step

These are all the steps to follow to make a good bouquet of flowers fees for Valentine’s Day 2021:

The first thing to do is to choose the flowers, although noor we should only place flowers, it is always good to put leaves and twigs, so it’s much more natural than it already is.

To flowers, especially if they are roses, it is necessary cut thorns and leaves that don’t look good. We must also remove too large or unattractive petals.
It is also necessary to cut the stems which are longer. In fact, it would take cut the stems of all the flowers so that they are all the same. If you buy the flowers well in advance, you should store them in water.

Of all the flowers that we are going to include in the bouquet, we can choose a few to make them stand out or those who are ahead in the field. You can intertwine flowers, with green branches if you wish. You not only need to take care of the front of the bouquet, place all the flowers well and make it look equally beautiful from the back.
Once assembled and arranged, itthe flowers, you need to join them by the stem and with the help of a florist’s ribbon. Make several turns of the tape on itself then stick it with a little adhesive tape. When packing the bouquet, it is best to turn it over so that you can comfortably work with the stems.

Once you have wrapped the ribbon, you can use another piece of ribbon so that you can make a bow over the stems, under the flowers to complete the bouquet.
Once your bouquet is finished, you can add other details that add more romanticism to your design. It can be a few birds as you see in the photo, or some hearts.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Tulips and roses


In this section we see a beautiful bouquet of pink tulips and white roses, for those who want to break away from the traditional game of reds and greens. These tones are even more delicate and pink is without a doubt one of the nicest alternatives we have.

Especially, this bouquet is special if your partner specifically likes white roses and you don’t want to give them too simple a bouquet like roses with a groom and nothing else like they usually buy it. bouquets of flowers for valentine’s day.

In addition, the decorative touch could be given with fictitious branches that would give it a distinctive touch, as well as rolled up fabric for the handle. Rolled up well and it will look great, you can always tie it with a rope also to give it a different touch than what we are used to seeing.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Gerberas and roses

Then we have this other bouquet made in a more dynamic, varied and colorful way, but just as precious. This type of bouquet will be ideal for those who love wild flowers and their colors. The best thing is that we have the most loved and suitable flowers for bouquets of flowers to offer, just like roses, gerberas and closed tulips.


The best thing about making a bunch of these features is that besides being super simple, it will cost us very little money and time. What we would have to do when we went to the florist would be to ask for one or two single flowers of each flower type, as well as a little green and grooms to decorate the bouquet.

Again, colors can be a good alternative to the traditional bouquet, but since these types of flowers can be found in super striking and pretty colors, we could combine orange gerberas with red roses, for example, and so we would create a valentine flower bouquet more traditional.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Roses


We are told that the perfect flowers for Valentine’s Day or for a loving offering are the red roses but we want to offer other different options. Among the most connoisseurs of flowers, they speak of a language of themselves and their colors, having different meanings depending on the flower and the color chosen.

I want to present two proposals for different roses that can attract a lot of attention, because they move away from clichés and because they quickly catch the eye. Before all this let me remind you that it is important to choose roses that look fresh and not beaten, that they are not fully opened so that your recipient can see this process at home and last longer.

make-bouquets-of-fresh-pink-flowers-for-valentine's day

In the first picture of our rose proposal you could see how to combine white roses with pink roses you have a great option to create your bouquet. You also do not need a large amount of roses, and to decorate it you can use tissue paper and a bow, in this way you attach it to the stem of it, and then you let open in the upper area, as if they were hugging the roses.

The next option is for you to see how you can combine and choose another type of fantastic roses, with bright, romantic and very vivid colors. There is roses in salmon or orange tones which tend to have brush strokes of more pink, yellow, pink, red tones … My favorites are orange with pink tones, even when they dry they have a wonderful color.

Important, whatever your choice, decorate it and personalize it with a message to explain why you choose these roses, either because of their color, their aroma or their beauty. Let your creativity kick in and make a little love note.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Paniculata


The paniculata is the key to many flower bouquets, both for Valentine’s Day and for the bride or any kind of contingency.

Paniculata is a small decorative white plant that you can easily get hold of. It will be a great option to add to your bouquet if you see that there is still something missing to make it perfect or if you weren’t able to buy all the flowers you wanted as it fills up but also increases its beauty.


You can even see that with these flowers you can also make a perfect bouquet in itself. To join them all, you can use a fabric you like or a ribbon in white tones so that it is tight, easy to hold and has an extra decorative touch.

Make a bouquet of fresh flowers for Valentine’s Day 2021 | Wild

make-bouquets-of-wild-flowers-for-valentine's day

For those who have access to the flowers of the field or who want to make a different bouquet of flowers, personalized and full of colors, blunt and flowers that stay away from clichés, this bouquet of Flowers on the swing I think it’s a real inspiration.

In this bouquet a wide variety of flowers come together: pitimini roses, immortelle, limonium, peonies and as accessories we find paniculata, eucalyptus leaves and other beautiful flowers that you can find.

I am showing you this bouquet not so that you can make it as is, but so that you can see how you can create awesome bouquets of flowers that are not clichés, but rather a commitment to color, creativity and beauty. real beauty.